Sunday, January 25, 2009

Investigation Allegory 9 -1-1

Another piece by "Anonymous". I do wonder who this writer might be. Hmmmm. Oh well, enjoy.

This week on CSI:NYC….the crime lab team is investigating a murder at ground zero in NYC….let’s tune in:

SGT: “Whatta we got son?”

Officer: “Well…it looks like this woman was stabbed with a knife that was held by this gentlemen over there. “

Sgt: “Were there any witnesses?”

Officer: “Yeh….the whole room at the time of the stabbing was filled with officers conducting a training seminar on how to react after someone gets stabbed. They were all in town for a mock stabbing that was going to take place tomorrow”

Sgt: “That’s convenient. Were there any civilian witnesses and what did the 2 groups see?”

Officer: “Well….yes there were civilians….70% of all witnesses saw NO STABBING what so ever…while every officer saw the woman “fall” onto the knife herself?”

Sgt: “My…that is curious. Can we get any of these witnesses under oath?”

Officer: “No….the White House has issued a worldwide gag order to all officers, police, fireman, FBI, CIA, SS, NSA, FEMA, NTSB, FAA, and anyone remotely associated with this stabbing.”

Sgt: “What kind of knife was it? What should I tell the press? And did this man take out any insurance on this woman before the stabbing?”

Officer: “You’re gonna like this sarge. The same company and executives….manufactured the knife, OWN the media that you are about to talk to, AND were the underwriters for the life insurance policy on the woman taken out by the man just 6 weeks before the stabbing?”

Sgt: “OKaaaaaaaayyyyyy. Let’s just get a blood sample, test it, and release the results to the world to find out that it was actually the woman stabbed”.

Officer: “Well……we can’t do that boss. All the blood was ordered cleaned up and destroyed by the White House before you got here. The knife was confiscated and destroyed without any testing. All the carpet in the room was picked up and destroyed. And no verification of any blood, weapon, or even open testimony by the police can ever be verified without redaction or black-outs. The woman’s body was also destroyed. And the man who the witnesses saw…… committed “suicide” by jumping out of his 50 story building just moments ago. His body was also destroyed. The mayor is now arresting anyone taking pictures or video of the building, and the media is now saying a person who might be Islamic is now the real killer.

Sgt: “So what evidence do we have?”

Officer: “Well…..we have these witnesses…..though they completely contradict each other…..and apparently in just a few days and weeks we should be getting video from people who were in the room at the time that proves that it wasn’t even a knife at all but a car.”

Sgt: “This sounds like an open and shut case. Chalk another one up to the deception execution cycle. I’ll be down at the donut shop if you need me. Goodbye.”


spooked said...

about the insurance on the planes-- is there some sort of reference you can give showing that no insurance was paid out?

I believe that insurance may not have been paid out (perhaps the govt picked up the tab), but if there's some sort of "official" source, that would be very damning.

But one thing-- it's really not accurate to say no debris was found. There WERE parts found-- engines and various small pieces.

Ace Baker said...

I'd like to see references too. These are posts from some anonymous person, I have no clue who wrote it.

Anonymous said...

Gerald Holmgren wrote a similarly clever satirical piece once, I wonder if he's the "Anonymous" behind these as well.

Anonymous said...

Q: "is there some sort of reference you can give showing that no insurance was paid out?"

R: them.

Q: "I believe that insurance may not have been paid out (perhaps the govt picked up the tab)"

R: The government paid the airlines $15 Billion dollars within 2 weeks of 911. That is the pure definition of the govt picking up the tab?!! The govt and airlines knew that no insurance would be paid out because that would require part verification...something that the airlines and govt were never and have never supplied. Videos, photos, and witnesses have never proven a plane crash in aviation history. Only wreckage does.

Q: "it's really not accurate to say no debris was found. There WERE parts found-- engines and various small pieces."

R: To this day...not one single piece of debris from any of the 4 planes from any of the 4 locations has EVER been verified outside the Bush White House. Not one piece. If you look closely at the photos of the supposed pieces...they do NOT match that of the airliner that is suggested crashed. Immediately citizens wanted verification of these exact pieces. Suddenly the White House passed executive orders that says you CAN NEVER verify the pieces that they showed you. Not even Congress is allowed to even look at the pieces shown let alone verify them in any way. The FBI is and was in complete control over verification. Just this past year the FBI has now stated that it did NO TESTING or verification of any of the supposed pieces because..."we all saw it on TV"!!!

Have you heard this form of logic and analysis before with BushCo? The WMD's in Iraq had thousands of witnesses, we were given 100's of photos, dozens of videos, testimony by EVERY military and government agency telling the world there were WMD's, presentations to the UN showing and telling about the WMD's. Suddenly when one human wanted to test or verify a single piece physically, just like the "pieces" of planes from 911, suddenly it was an intelligence failure and a lie. The same applies to the plane parts of 911.

Q: “Gerald Holmgren wrote a similarly clever satirical piece once, I wonder if he's the "Anonymous" behind these as well.”

R: I had never read that piece by Holmgren. Thank you for the post. It is an honor to think that my writings are even in the same universe as that of Mr. Holmgren. Maybe I’m on to something? The difference between me and Mr. Holmgren is I will never care what others think about my writings or how I need to change someone’s opinion or thoughts to the “truth”. I have been posting my “writings” at Alex Jone’s for over a year. They fall on deaf ears…especially Mr. Jones. If you look under the 911 or media tabs you can easily recognize my writings. I only talk about “no planes”. Go to the search engine of infowars and type in “No planes on 911”. You will see 100’s of my postings.

The point is….just as I have read on Ace’s site…is that I will write and release information and opinions in MY time and in MY way. Being a lone wolf researcher allows me that opportunity. I am currently writing a book which has been in the works for over 2 years. It is quite damming. I connect ALL the dots. I was never going to release anything until Bush was out of office. Now the gates are open.

At some point in your truth career you realize that standing on a street corner with a megaphone at ground zero is never going to accomplish much. My upcoming books and films (I have a film background) will be my very small attempt at showing just how horrific and criminal the US combination of media, military, politics, judicial, government, law enforcement, and corporations can really be. It will be a warning to all future cultures and societies of what to watch out for.

Q: “I'd like to see references too.”

R: I will provide as many references as you have received of verification of planes on 911.

K.L. Ashley said...

Real Plane hit the Pentagon:

Graphics simulation.

Cites usual plane parts. Explains smoke trail vortex as damaged engine.

Ignores no plane (except for parts from something). Ignores absurdity of plane moving at 540 mph at a couple of feet off the lawn. Ignores that this is all an operational absurdity, as 540 mph only passes at 30,000 ft. This speed can not be achieved with this airplane at ground level. If there were any chance of same, the driver would have to give this facet full attention.

Ignores void of 100,001 witnesses of the approach, and unforgettable experience, for sure.


"Few photo/video evidence exists, fueling conspiracy websites
claiming no plane."

Just backwards. This is a typical reverse logic depiction. Explain something, while ignoring the impossibility. So typical of people without a true intuitive sense of the physical world.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm! Donuts!

L.L. said...
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spooked said...

don't forget the airlines all got a large ($15 billion) govt bailout after 9/11-- because they were already in trouble and their business was hurt so much by the attacks.