Tuesday, April 28, 2009

$100,000 Amateur Video Challenge

Did you or someone you know shoot amateur video of an airplane crash on 9/11? If so, it could net you a hundred grand.

As readers of my work already know, I don't believe any airplanes crashed anywhere on 9/11. All of the airplane crash videos are video composites, says me. Prove me wrong, and make a quick $100,000 U.S.

The problem is none of the 9/11 airplane videos are available in their original quality. I highly suspect that this is due to the fact that reducing quality on a composite image is the best way to hide the messy fingerprints of the compositing process.

To sort it out, I offer this next in what has become a series of $100,000 challenges. To meet the challenge:

  1. The video must show "UA175" hitting the south tower.
  2. You must allow me to inspect the original tape on which the event was recorded. It must be originally recorded video on "mini DV", or other DV format. 
  3. The airplane video must match in quality the other videos present on the tape. Any attempt to copy onto the DV tape video that has been further compressed, or reduced in dimensions, or subjected to any unnecessary quality loss is grounds for disqualification. 
  4. You must allow me to create a high-quality, uncompressed digitization of the video, directly from the original tape.
  5. You will grant to me a non-exclusive license to publish the  footage.

Jennifer Spell? Evan Fairbanks? Luc Courchesne? Michael Hezarkhani? Any takers?

I warrant that I have a line of credit in excess of $100,000.

Applicants may contact me via the email link, top right. 

-Ace Baker


Anonymous said...

This may sound like a good effort to prove a point, but in fact, it is condemned to fail completely from the start.

First, they surely don't read your blog, and you know it. So you're not doing this to reach them. You're doing this to reach a different target audience. If you wanted to do this right, you should send this proposal directly to the videographers.

And second, they can always say they don't want to make money out of a tragedy like 9/11. So you won't prove anything if they refuse the offer, if that's the whole point of this.

Ace Baker said...

If they didn't want to make money off the tragedy, they could donate it to a 9/11 victims charity.

spooked said...

well, surely people who read this blog can disseminate this offer-- and with 40 some video of the second hit, odds are someone with a video should hear of this-- if these people are authentic that is.

Edo said...

Ace. It's been quiet on your blog. Don't know if you've been busy on the forums, or just taking a break from it all. I wouldn't blame you either way.

I thought you may have decided that as time has gone on, and fewer people are taking a look at micro evidence, that you'd start looking at the macro view.

I think you've done some good work Ace, it's been a pity that everyone in NPT has fallen out. I think Anon has a point about reaching your target audience.

Surely an advert in the NYT or WSJ would penetrate a much bigger audience?

Anonymous said...

Ace......After 5 years of research on 911 I have come to 2 conclusions. First...that there were no planes on 911. What the implications and fall-out are of that statement is up to each individual in their own time. Mainly that the government and military owned media colluded to murder millions of people. The second conclusion is the most important. It took awhile but it’s so simple. My second conclusion is that 911 was for nothing more or less...than about money. And lots of it. Research "Separation Scams" committed by insurance companies along with money laundering...a Bush family favorite along with real estate fraud and oil price manipulation. How many "airline" passengers were in on this scam? All of them. How many signed away their rites after 911? Everyone did. That's how a separation scam works. It was all for the money. Highjackers, freedom, terror, religion, Zionism, politics, patriot act, wars, security, smoking clouds, anthrax, commissions, torture.....it was all about money and nothing more….everything else was for a distraction.

Anonymous said...

Can the truth be harmed? Can truth feel pain? Does truth get embarrassed? Does truth care about a belief system or have preconceived notions and assumptions? Does the truth care about lies, disinformation, or blatant falsehoods? Only when you combine the truth with a movement involving people can the truth be harmed.

You can never “harm” the truth. The truth is the truth. It can never be harmed. It will always be.

There were no commercial planes on 911. How you deal with that truth is up to you. Though everyone in the world will tell you that the official story is the truth. That what the military owned media showed you on 911 was the truth. That what your law enforcement and judicial demanded you obey was the truth. That what all agencies and government leaders told you was the truth. Guess what….there were no commercial planes on 911. The truth can never be harmed. Despite Trillions of dollars, millions of deaths, continued aggression and war, endless spending, elimination of rights, thousands tortured and detained…..the truth remains. There were no commercial planes on 911. It was all a lie. Just like the WMD’s in Iraq….it was ALL an intelligence failure and a lie.

The criminal actions of the military owned US media will never be forgotten. The US government is now passing laws that greatly protect this “mass media” and the lies they have told. Has everyone noticed that almost every perpetrator of 911 is or has received “bailout money”? The auto industry was not part of 911. Right now the Pentagon spends $5 billion dollars a year to hire 28,000 people to do nothing but promote the “truth” of 911. The buy reporters, write the articles and news themselves, troll websites and promote lies, infiltrate “truth groups and movements”, and the most important is to lead the discussion AWAY from ever bringing up the TRUTH that there were no commercial planes on 911. Never forget that the truth can never be harmed. There were NO commercial planes on 911. 911 was a murderous lie.

Ps…there is a global media blackout regarding no planes on 911. By law…if your local media were to start reporting that there were no commercial planes on 911 their stations and print would be shut down by Homeland security. Think I’m kidding? Find out for yourself. There were no commercial planes on 911. It was all a lie.

Anonymous said...

There were no commercial planes on 911. Obama’s continued support of millions of deaths because of “planes” on 911 is the smoking gun of guilt. There were no commercial planes on 911. It was all a staged and conspired lie. Obama still supports that lie. He is sending an additional 21,000 troops to Afghanistan because 4 planes crashed on 911. There were no commercial planes on 911.

To this day…not one single SPECK of airliner debris from any of the 4 planes from any of the 4 locations on 911 has EVER been verified by ANYONE on the planet. (The White House does not count!) No insurance company, even though they have paid out $100 Billion dollars because of 911, has ever tested or verified a single piece of airliner debris from 911. NO commission, no one from the NTSB, FAA, or the FBI has ever tested or verified a single SPECK of airliner debris from 911. The reason given from the FBI in a FOIA request…”we’ve tested nothing because we all saw it on TV.” Keep in mind that the pictures you receive from your TV news…the news companies themselves are owned by the top US military contractors.

There were no commercial planes on 911.

K.L. Ashley said...

The judge that ruled against the insurance companies is a Lodge member, of forth degree, lackey. It is all about keeping the job, all prostitutes, all of government.

"Obama still supports that lie"

and no one knows better that it is a lie and he is sending troops because he has been told to do so, with JFK in the background. A prostitute/puppet.

Bilderberg Meeting list.


Anonymous said...

The truth will never care if you “believe” it or not. This is not a religion. The truth is the truth. It will never need a movement or group. The truth is the truth. It will always be.

There were no commercial planes on 911. That is a truth the US military spends 5 billion a year to continue to ridicule in any way it can. The truth will never care how much they spend to deny it. There were no commercial planes on 911.

Anonymous said...

The next time you have an auto or car crash...tell your insurance company that you smashed your car and want a full refund. Also...the auto insurance company can never inspect, analyze, or verify your car in any way what so ever. See how far you get with your insurance company. Now for the planes on 911. The insurance companies paid out $40 Billion dollars within weeks of 911....without testing, analyzing, or verifying A SINGLE PIECE OF DEBRIS!!!! Not one single speck...even to this day. ps....the insurance companies, by law, never have to explain where they get the money to pay a claim. That is how drug money is laundered. It is now estimated that over $200 Billion+ was laundered through the claims over 911....without a single speck of verifiable evidence.

Anonymous said...

Those poor 256 people. It’s a common response….such as…what about all those passengers? Sympathies go out to the friends and families of all the combined passengers on the 4 planes from 911. I never wanted to know what these criminals did to those people. There were no commercial planes on 911. I hope these 256 people are all on some beautiful tropical island living on the governments tip. I never want to know how these criminals may have made these people disappear. Though when describing numbers about 911….you must always remember that millions of people have died BECAUSE of 911 and the “fact” that there were 4 commercial planes?!

Millions have died, Trillions have been spent and allocated, Billions will be effected for generations to come, 100’s of thousands detained, tortured, and killed in a never ending universal war on terror. ALL….because 4 commercial planes crashed on 911. I still give my sympathies to those 256 people who may have disappeared on those 4 planes……when you understand that there were no commercial planes on 911…..suddenly you realize the magnitude of how many people have been effected and killed based on a fabricated lie. There were no commercial planes on 911. It was a lie. And how these criminals disappeared those passengers is something I never want to know about….just like the millions that came after them. There were no commercial planes on 911.

Anonymous said...

There were no commercial planes on 911. The war on terror is based on a treasonous lie of global proportions. Bring our soldiers home…………

Anonymous said...

Not one single piece of airliner debris from any of the 4 planes from any of the 4 locations from 911 has ever been tested, inspected, or verified in ANY way. Not one single piece. The FBI has said it has tested nothing because.."we all saw it on TV" (2008). There were no commercial planes on 911. The White House passed an executive order that said "no person in history can ever verify in any way any of the debris from any of the planes on 911". That includes Congress, the Supreme Court, and all future Presidents. There were no commercial planes on 911. $100 Billion has been paid out by insurance companies immediately following 911 and they tested and verfied not one single piece of debris from any of the 4 planes. Learn how they laundered drug money and you will understand how much these criminals made FROM 911.

Anonymous said...

Wapedia - Wiki: Steven Rosenbaum (producer)


Google "ADX Florence"

K.L. Ashley said...

"Since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, NATO has attempted to refocus itself to new challenges and has deployed troops to Afghanistan as well as trainers to Iraq."

NATO - Wikipedia

Don't trust it.

Anonymous said...

Ace.....of course there are going to be problems with the videos, photos, and film of 911.....there were no commercial planes. Of course there are going to be problems with how the buildings fell...there were no commercial planes. Of course you would delay any investigation into 911 for as long as you could....there were no commercial planes. Of course there are going to be problems with the highjakcers, airport and building survellience video, pre-emptive wars and invasions, torturing, wiretapping.....because there were no commercial planes on 911.

Take the 100K and provide a new change. Challenge the world for any verifiable evidence that ANY planes existed anywhere on 911? To this day not one single piece from any of the 4 planes has ever been tested, inspected, analyzed, or verified in ANY WAY. Of course there will be problems with the videos taken....THERE WERE NO COMMERCIAL PLANES ON 911.

Ace Baker said...

I'm curious as to why you insist on qualifying "no planes" with "commercial". There were no plane crashes at any of the four sites. No commercial planes, no military planes, no missiles.

The flights did exist, of course. They were really hijacked.

Anonymous said...

Your statement is disturbing Ace. You say there were no planes and in the next sentence say there were planes(flights) with highjackers. That’s classic double-speak. You can’t have it both ways. Why would you need a highjacker to simply fly the plane a few miles then land it, or crash it with the highjackers on it, and take the 911 passengers off. Couldn’t you just fake an emergency landing? No one would ever know or care? Why risk using highjackers for a 10 minute flight? There were no commercial planes on 911. There were no highjackers. Who knows what these serial killers did to those passengers. I don’t know what they used to explode those buildings and ground on 911. It very easily could have been a different kind of plane, jassm, global hawk, or just thermite and detonations. I don’t know. All I know…is that there were no commercial planes on 911 with people in them. That means that 911 and everything from it is based on a lie. You don’t have to explain everything else. You can get a murder conviction without a body?
Words of advice. I personally have known 5 people that have died mysteriously trying to get across the point that there were no commercial planes on 911. I have duplicated all my hard-drives, letters, emails, and phone calls with everyone I have ever spoken to. If anything happens to me…..6 different lawyers will send out information per my instructions for a period of several years. Protect yourself. (My favorite recording is that of the NYTimes editor calling me a traitor because I questioned whether or not there were commercial planes on 911. This idiot is on tape threatening me that something bad will happen to me if I continue with “those lies”. Keep in mind this is your so called investigative media at work here? I have 100’s of “plane supporters” on tape of people who should have known better. I was able to get a hold of dozens of political leaders over the years. You should hear how violent they become when you say there were no commercial planes on 911. It exposes everything without trying to solve anything.)

K.L. Ashley said...

Have any relatives of passengers,crew sued the government? Would not have to show a plane part to settle, according to the new post 9/11 rules? Maybe the entire complement was in on it, seems like ever body else was. They could fly anywhere since the FAA was in on it. Where are the "hijackers"?

Ace Baker said...

You need hijackers to take over the planes, kill the pilots, and generate a few legitimate phone calls from scared passengers and flight attendants. You can't have "emergency landings", that makes no sense. The whole idea is to sell a story about hijackers crashing planes into buildings.

Anonymous said...

You guys have it all wrong. Why are trying to solve the murder? Just simply say there were no commercial planes on 911. That explains every single question from NORAD, FAA, delayed investigation, threatening Pentagon employees to say there were planes, gag order on all police and fireman, complete destruction of all evidence, serious problems with video and film of 911, no verification of any of the plane debris, why the NTSB was barred from all 4 crash sites....the list is endless. There is no need to then go on and try to explain in detail exactly HOW these criminals did what they did. Who knows how these people murdered a few hundred people. So far the US has murdered MILLIONS based on the lies of 911.

There were no commercial planes on 911. The definition of 911 is commercial planes crashing. 13 million pieces of verifiable debris from the standard 757's...and not one single piece has ever been tested, inspected, analyzed, or verified in ANY WAY. By simply saying there were no commercial planes on 911...you are then not trying to explain every detail of how they murdered so many. Example: If I said John Wayne Gacy is a sick serial killer. Do I have to explain how he may have murdered his 12th victim? NO. Just say he is a sick serial killer and shut up. Same goes for 9-11. Simply say there were no commercial planes on 911. Then shut up. The burden of proof and verification then becomes on authorities to PROVE or verify that there were commercial planes on 911. One problem....only WRECKAGE verifies an airliner crash. Not video, film, photos, or eyewitnesses. Only wreckage. The planes of 911 only have video, film, and eyewitnesses. It has ZERO wreckage that can ever be tested. No wreckage....no plane. No planes...no 911. There were no commercial planes on 911.

Robert S. said...

Hey, Ace?

Is there any progress at your research?

Is your video ready for the release?

It seem like you sulked after your pointless suicide stunt and now all you do is money challenges that prove nothing.

What's wrong with you man?

K.L. Ashley said...

Wondering about the details of the flights is interesting, not a matter of exposing the proof. Same with CD.

People are still saying no planes and yet accusing NORAD of standing down. Amazing.

What/who is responsible for the burden of proof? Well, the landlord, maybe. No one unless they use it as a pretense for military aggression and bankrupting a nation, but then certainly. Thus, the US government (on behalf of the Global Ruling Elite, or GRE). But they are satisfied that they have the proof, contained in a 400 plus pages book.

On any airplane crash investigation, there is an old hanger with parts cataloged and spread all over the floor. This never occurred and they never asked. Why? They don’t care and those (that influence the politics of the nation) are satisfied with the status quo. No population is dumbed down quite like that of the US in public school (pledge allegiance, dishonest Abe was wonderful, glorious civil war, John Wayne image of the US soldier in the West,and all that); the are taught to trust if not worship the government and they want to maintain the fantasy. After all, we have the exclusive right to run around doing errands in a 7000 pound monster hulk. Like sitting in a mobile throne and feel so safe against those Hondas.

So the key is not thermite versus nukes but to enlighten them on the facts; there denial is leading them to financial disaster and a fascist state. How do you do this when they are locked in to TV infotainment, which is locked up by the GRE (Globale Regierende Elite. This was plagiarized from "Freeman, Alles Schall und Rauch" who complained of the same TV phenom in Germany.)?

Anonymous said...

Your research, Ace, is impressive. But ignoring other people's equally detailed research is not helpful.

You say that the aircraft were hijacked. So, you assume there were "hijackers". Well, I have offered - like you have - a financial prize to anyone proving that any of the 19 "Muslims" actually boarded any of the four 9/11 flights. There were no takers for the simple reason that this story is as phony as the aircraft hitting the South Tower.

Aircraft MAY have been used to transport the people who booked flights on AA11, AA77, UA93 and UA175 for the morning of 9/11. But we do not know that fact for certain. No one has actually seen the passengers board any specific aircraft, let alone the hapless Muslims. There is no credible documentation proving that the "hijackers" and passengers boarded any of these flights.

The "no plane" theory of yours fits neatly with the "no hijackers" theory. Both theories complement each other.

Unfortunately my website has been hacked (by guess who), so I cannot provide a link to my essay on "no Muslim hijackers" but an older version can still be found somewhere. At: http://groups.google.com/group/total_truth_sciences/browse_thread/thread/699903fcf8dc1f08

Have a nice day.

Elias Davidsson

Ace Baker said...

Thanks for the comment Elias. I certainly don't think there were Muslim hijackers. I do reason that the planes must have been taken over by someone.

This would explain the few phone calls that were recorded, like Betty Ong.

Landing the 2 Boston flights at Stewart AFB would explain why both flights crossed directly over Stewart.

Anonymous said...

No Ace, you prove that every amateur video is a composite. You know that this is an impossible task and you also know that not one person would ever hand over their originally recorded video to you. Hence your ease of saying no planes crashed on 9/11.

Unknown said...

Ace, excellent work! Sadly people don't realize you would have to spend a hundred grand (or more) just to let people know your offering a hundred grand...but you are listed on google ("911 hundred grand challenge" etc.).
More to the point How can plane A push through 9 feet of reinforced concrete leaving perfect circles while plane B gets stopped inside a truss type building. There is some math there that doesn't add up.
CC sent to RuffleTheTeacher

Anonymous said...

I have a question. If all four planes were faked, why did they need to fake the Pentagon Crash and the Shanksville Crash? With no debris in those two crashes either, weren't they taking a big risk of being exposed? Why were those necessary?

Anonymous said...

Ace, how can you tell if a tape is an original recording? Anyone can just copy the current public videos onto a mini DV tape, right?

Ace Baker said...

Pentagon was necessary because it is a military target. Shanksville was necessary for the "valiant heroes" story.

They were willing to take such huge risks because they know they have control of the media, and they know most people are gullible idiots.

Ace Baker said...

The "Current public videos" are of lower quality than standard DV. Of course one could copy any video on to a DV tape, but the quality difference would be provable.

An original tape would be unedited. There would be other material on it, besides just the 2 seconds of a 9/11 airplane. The other material would be of the same quality.

Even DVD-quality is lower than standard DV. DVDs are MPEG-2 compression, which can be identified.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you have a $100,000 challenge for building a self supporting model that can be completely collapsed by dropping the top 15% onto the rest from not more than double the height of the structure. It must be not less than 2 feet tall and not less than 1 pound per foot and components must be damaged in the collapse.

WTC Model

peter said...

i don't even know if it's a good idea or that it sounds more like a joke. we all know there are no such videos. if anybody has a real amateur video shot that day, it will show no planes; maybe that video should get the reward instead. if it did show even one plane, it would first be on all tv stations (and radio, ha, ha!)in the country .
lately, i started to tell people that post comments 9/11 related on you tube about your offer. one guy told me that he personally knows a couple of people that have such videos. when i mentioned your name and the reward and that he could make 10% finder's fee, the conversation ended. at least i have fun on you tube with it.
i think it's one of the strongest statements that 9/11 was an inside job. i'll do my best to let more people know about the offer.