Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The $1000 Mark Roberts Challenge

I've been round and round with Ron Wieck about possibly appearing on the Hardfire public access show in New York. Ron is a writer for American Thinker, frequent guest host of Hardfire, and outspoken supporter of the official 9/11 story. Last spring I was all set to appear debating Frank Greening, when Wieck pulled out. This came after I made it clear that I was going to show photos and videos.

"Outspoken supporter of the official 9/11 story" is putting it mildly for Mark Roberts, aka "Gravy" on the JREF forum. Though a mere "tour guide" by profession, Mr. Roberts is author of the foremost paper on the official WTC7 "collapse" theory, as we still await a final government report on the matter.

Roberts is also author of some 12,000 posts on the JREF forum, and has appeared several times on Hardfire, with the "Loose Change" filmmakers, and with Scholars for 9/11 Truth founder Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. Roberts has also been a fixture at ground zero, debating truthers on the street. He boasts of not backing down from debate.

But he has completely chickened out of a debate with me. I've repeatedly pestered him to do so, and (lacking evidence to support his position) has declined, accusing me of being mentally ill, and other ad-hominem attacks.

I've upped the stakes. I offer Mark Roberts, who lives in New York, $1000 to simply appear on the Hardfire show with me, and defend the 9/11 plane theory. $500 could go to his favorite charity, and $500 in his pocket. Or, he could give the whole $1000 to charity. Whatever.

Come Mr. Roberts. What is your favorite charity? I realize $500 or $1000 isn't all the money in the world, but it's something. Can you really not spare a couple hours of your time, especially since you claim no-planes is such a far-fetched idea?

Debate me. My only stipulations are that I get about half of the show, and that I am allowed to present photos and videos. I think you and Ron Wieck are deathly afraid of allowing the evidence to be seen. Now is your chance to prove me wrong.


Mark Roberts said...

I have repeatedly told you that since I debated Jim Fetzer, I will not debate people who show clear signs of mental illness.

I have repeatedly asked you to seek professional mental health care for your problems with reality, which are severe.

For months, your emails have been filtered for automatic deletion. Do not contact or "challenge" me again.

Your illness is not your fault. Help is available, Alexander. Please seek it ASAP.

Ace Baker said...

You have repeatedly said you would not back down from a debate. You're just a liar Mark Roberts, whatever your real name happens to be.

Resorting to silly ad hominem schoolyard put-downs while avoiding the evidence betrays the vacuous nature of your position. You got nothing. Your fear is obvious, it emboldens me.