Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hoaxing the Hoaxers

Back in December 2007, Judy Wood began integrating her DEW theory with the Hutchison Effect. I knew Hutchison was a fraud, having seen his silly upside down videos years before. Could Dr. Wood actually believe Hutchison? 

To measure whether or not Dr. Wood actually believes in the Hutchison Effect, I devised a hoax. I created several replications of the Hutchison "falling up" trick. I hung a toy house upside down, made objects wiggle around with hidden magnets, then let them fall down, appearing to fall up. This is exactly what Hutchison did in several of his videos. 

Then I emailed Dr. Wood and her crew announcing I was going to attempt to duplicate the H-Effect. I claimed to have gotten a Tesla Coil on ebay. After a few days, I announced that I had duplicated the levitation. I posted my videos. 

The silence was deafening. I got no response at all from Dr. Wood, a person I had received over 100 emails from, and had at least 8 long phone conversations with. I had spent 3 days at her attorney's house in Connecticut interviewing her and the rest of her crew. 

A scientist who actually believed in the H-Effect would have been overcome with curiosity. I had my answer. So, I announced my hoax within 1 week. 

It's not as though Judy won't mention other people replicating the H-Effect. On her website, Judy links to an article claiming someone at York University duplicated the effect. Hutchison himself has posted a truly hilarious video by "J.L. Naudin" that he says also replicated the H Effect.

Gee, do you think maybe the toy is swinging around on a thread?




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OMG! What has science done!?