Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Freedom Underground with Jim Fetzer, #1

1. What actually happened on 9/11?

2. Why can’t the truth movement get anywhere?

3. Why do 99.9% of scientists remain silent on 9/11?

4. Do the people really believe the official story, or do they just support it?

6. What is the goal of 9/11 research? A new investigation?

7. What is a government?

8. What is a monopoly?

9. Should any product or service be offered at the barrel of a gun?

10. What is money?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Theory of Park Foreman

The Park Foreman video appears to pan left-to right, following an airplane.

1. Shoot entire shot in high definition with no camera motion - tripod mount, focus at infinity.
2. Import high-def footage into standard-def composition
3. Insert stable airplane layer, masking off foreground buildings as required.
4. Add virtual camera motion with automatic motion blur.
5. Add defocus filter across some frames to simulate auto-focus "fishing".
6. Export.