Sunday, March 8, 2009

Why They Dumped Out of Delay

Beep Beep. Don Dahler is at the WTC, speaking to Charlie Gibson and he is cutoff mid-sentence by two beeps. He begins talking again. Then the airplane comes in. Gibson, watchig a monitor in the studio, says "That looks like a second plane" Dahler says "I did not see a plane, that just exploded".

The two beeps and the cutoff sound very much like ABC is dumping out of delay. Live TV broadcasts are typically delayed. The actual live signal is run through a delay circuit of say 10 seconds. Live talk radio has the same feature. If something is heard or seen that is unfit for the airwaves, the engineer has 10 seconds to switch the delay off, going completely live, and bypassing the offending material.

Why, oh why would they switch out of delay just before the second fake airplane strike? Seems like they would have wanted that delay for insurance, just in case something went wrong (like Chopper 5). But no. They dumped out of delay, certainly on ABC, and I suspect on all the networks. Why?

It's so obvious. Teresa Renault. Talking to Bryant Gumbel as the second "plane" hits the South Tower. We are supposed to believe she is witnessing the airplane out of her window in Chelsea. If she really was seeing an airplane out of her window, it wouldn't matter if the networks were still in delay. She would see the plane live, she would report it live, and her voice would be synchronized with the video of the airplane. "Oh my god there's another one".

But if Renault is watching the plane on TV, it matters very much. For if she is watching a delayed signal, then her voice will be 10 seconds behind the video.

The same is true for those voices in Chopper 5, and any of the other channels with callers on line. They dumped out of delay because they needed those people watching television to pretend they were seeing it with their own eyes.