Monday, June 4, 2012

9/11 - The Great American Psy-Opera

9/11 - The Great American Psy-Opera

A scientific, historical, and musical exploration of 9/11 by Ace Baker.
Chapters 1-8 are now free on YouTube.

If you think planes crashed into the twin towers, see chapter 6 "What Planes?" and chapter 7 "The Key". Carefully considered, real plane crashes are impossible, and the evidence for video compositing is irrefutable.

If you think the towers were brought down by thermite and/or directed energy weapons, please see Chapter 4 "Phenomena". The evidence for nuclear reactions is overwhelming.

If you think there was a gravity collapse, or are inclined to believe any part of the ridiculous official story, please see chapter 2 "The Official Story vs. The Truth Movement".

If you're interested in the psychological aspects of false flag terror, please see chapter 8 "The Psy-Opera".

If you think the leaders of the "truth" movement are seeking the truth, please wait for chapter 9 "The Controlled Opposition".

If you want to know what actually occurred on 9/11, please wait for chapter 10 "Conclusion".