Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Baker v Wright on Hardfire

Part 1 - Did a Plane Hit the South Tower?

Part 2 - Can an Explosion of Jet Fuel Enlarge a Hole in a Steel Building?



Anonymous said...

This must have been uncomfortable for you. I can hear in your voice that you recognize you are wrong, but your delusion won't let you accept it.

I don't expect you to allow this comment on your blog, but please, dedicate your time to something you at least have a chance of being correct on.

Anonymous said...

How silly is it to suggest that an auto-iris would completely close in three frames? Sorry Mr. Wright,
are you an expert that lies or an extremely poor expert? I think you're lying you ass off!

Keep up the great work Ace.

Anonymous said...

Part one of the video isn't available. Why?

Ace Baker said...

Don't know why #1 is missing. Sent a note to the producer.

Anonymous said...

Automatic gain control makes me laugh so much... "uhh lock out! Ok we're back" And when they're back there's even more open space with bright sky. And then we have any other Automatic gain control.

Am I the only one here feeling that this gentleman is underestimating our brains?