Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

I should be working on the movie. I'll get it done, and it will be all it needs to be. But I'm messed up. 

I didn't handle the Hardfire show well. There was no way I could have, under the circumstances. Steve Wright's pre-condition for doing the show was that he be supplied with a list of every claim I would make, and every video I would show, a week in advance. Originally, months before the show, I responded by saying that I needed the same consideration. I wanted to see everything Wright would present. I suggested that I give him my material 2 weeks in advance, and he present his to me one week in advance. 

In response to that suggestion, Wright declined. He said he did not intend to present any new material. That turned out to be a lie, only the first of many. A week before the show, I gave Steve Wright this Word document, with links to many video files. 

So the situation preceding the Hardfire show was that Wright new everything I would say, and I didn't have a clue what he would say. I knew this. I agreed to go forward anyway, because I wanted answers. At that time, there simply was no official story explaining away the problems in the 9/11 videos. I felt it was important to get an expert on the record answering these charges. 

But what I should have done was this - I should have explained to the camera what I just explained in writing. I should have said that I've had no chance to research whatever claims Wright was going to make. I should have said that all claims would be addressed on my blog, and given the address. 

Unfortunately, I could not respond on the show the way I would have liked, because I had promised to only present the videos I sent to Wright. 

For example, on "no plane in the wide shot", I could have shown my control case. I shot video from 6 1/2 miles, into a bright sky, zoom out. Planes are visible. 

For example, on "debris came out of the tower, and looked like a nose", I could have shown Gamma Press, and Fairbanks, which also look like a nose cone. Then, I could have shown Naudet, which clearly shows  a dust creation. I could have mentioned that the edit in Naudet is exactly where the fade to black is in Chopper 5. 

But, I held up to my end of the deal. It will be OK in the long run. Rest assured this will all be covered in my movie. But very few people will give a rat's ass anyway. So what?  Who cares?

Wright lied his ass off, over and over. He says interlaced footage proves no compositing. He says the fade to black is Auto Gain Control. He says objects disappear at 8 pixels in size. He says planes must only go at a constant speed in a composite. He says a kerosene explosion can break steel. 

Steve Wright, you are a filthy liar. You conspire to cover up mass murder, and I hate you. You lied to me, you lied to the world, and I can prove it. 


Roger said...


Can't say enough about your research. The fact you did that show under those circumstances is proof YOU have nothing to hide.

Anyone that sees the evidence and still maintains there were planes on 9/11 is in denial or in on the cover up.

You and so many others have nothing
to gain and everything to lose from exposing this. I have the utmost respect for all of you.

Keep up the great work, and can't wait for your movie.

Take care, Roger

Anonymous said...

You were deep in enemy territory, you are a brave soul, and your research is spot on.
Hardfire is a very Wieck show anyway!

Vision that movie, it's cutting edge info going out and changing the world.

I really don't care about the truth anymore, there are infinitely many anyway, I just want the kick-ass soundtrack! ;-)


Anonymous said...

I looked at this video cold, and I think Ace handled it fine. I understood every rebuttal Ace made regarding Wright's questions; Wright did not make a dent in the correctness of Ace's arguments.

And the host (Wieck?), obviously is spreading the disinfo: for instance, who in the right mind would believe that "debris" would make the nose cone shape popping out the wrong side.

Anonymous said...

this is why i don't watch television.