Tuesday, August 19, 2008

$100,000 WNYW Chopper 5 Challenge

I challenge WNYW Television (Fox-5 New York) to release to me a broadcast-quality copy of the raw Chopper 5 airplane footage, plus a copy of the WNYW broadcast output for the morning of 9/11. If they do so, compliant with the parameters below, I will pay a reward of $100,000.00 in U.S. currency. 

1. For purposes of this challenge, the master recordings are assumed to exist on NTSC 3/4" Beta video tape, a newsroom standard for many years up until 2001. WNYW shall make 1st generation digital copies directly from the Beta masters. 

2. The digital copies will be dimensions 720 x 486.

3. The digital copies will be interlaced.

4. The digital copies will be free of any and all processing, including but not limited to color correction and frame blending.

5. The digital copy of the raw Chopper 5 footage will be free of any and all logo graphics. The one (and only) known televised replay of the Chopper 5 footage occurred on CNN, a few short minutes after the event. The FOX-5 graphics are not present, indicating that the footage was recorded without them.

6. The digital copy of the broadcast output shall comprise the unedited broadcast which actually occurred on the morning of 9/11, on WNYW,  both audio and video.

7. The digital copy of the broadcast output will run continuously beginning no later than 8:30 a.m., and ending no earlier than 9:30 a.m. 

8. All digital copies will include the VITC time-code area.

9. The videos are licensed to me in perpetuity. 

Any clarifications, questions or details may be discussed. I warrant that I have a line of credit in excess of $100,000.


Alexander "Ace" Baker


Isaura Nunez, WNYW 
Kai Simonsen, WNYW
Steven Jones
Steve Wright
Ron Wieck
Gary Popkin
Jim Fetzer
Judy Wood
Morgan Reynolds
Jerry Leaphart
Andrew Johnson
John Hutchison


spooked said...

please give some updates on the status of your offer. Any bites or even nibbles?

Ace Baker said...

I've received no response of any kind from WNYW, or anyone.