Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Frank Legge Says it All

Anyone who pushes the idea that the planes were not real, regardless of whether or not they were real, is doing a terrible disservice to the truth movement.

                                -Frank Legge


Heretic said...

T.V & video fakery of the 2nd is something I'm more sure of then most other aspects of the conspiracy, even so; some of our more seasoned & astute conspiracy theorist's cant seem to buy the idea of T.V & video fakery.
So maybe it does harm us, but then what if T.V fakery is utized again in the future?

Anonymous said...

Open your eyes and see the real thinking of Leo Strauss. We are sheep to be herded and lied to by the Machiavelli noble lie since we can not accept the truth.
Please thinK... There is much misinformation spread, but the truth is nano thermite caused a controlled demolition on all THREE WTC towers!!! This was done to access the oil of the Caspian sea basin.
The shadow gov. would like to reduce world population from the 5.7 billion or so to 500 million.
Open Your Eyes. The media is controlled by 5 corporations.
The elite own you and has been feeding you a fiction since birth.

Anonymous said...


I'm interested when your movie is coming out. Any word?