Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Correcting Mistakes in No-Planes Research

Nobody is perfect. Least of all me. At the Madison conference, I presented a lot of things, including some material from September Clues. One claim made in SC is that two particular shots are the same, and that one of them had the background removed. In fact, they are two decidedly different angles.

It's an easy mistake to make, during certain sections of the videos, because smoke obscures the rooflines of the towers. However, studying other moments of the same videos, when the smoke allows the rooflines to be seen, we can easily tell that they are different angles. I relied on Simon Shack, and trusted his work uncritically. I was wrong to do that. "ThoughtCrime" has also presented a similar claim. The following sequence should put this notion to rest I think.

click image to enlarge

Fred BSRegistration has also been very busy making similar claims. In this video for example, he says that the WNBC and a CNN shot are "the same shot, simply rotated and cropped differently". This gif clearly shows that they are not.

BSReg, Webfairy, Killtown and many others were also quite hot on the idea that the Greenwich Residences at 19 Rector Street was missing from the Hezarkhani "ghostplane" video. It was offered that in the 3D Microsoft Virtual Earth, 19 Rector Street was accidentally rendered as 2D. I trusted this research also, until i just went and looked for myself. I stabilized the ghostplane video, and found 19 Rector right away, right behind a wiggly tree.

I support continued research into every area of 9/11. We should leave no stone unturned. But we mustn't expect there to be too many more smoking guns. The perps would never have embarked on video fakery unless they thought they could do it very well. The #1 no-planes smoking gun is, and always has been, Chopper 5. There's no plane in the wide shot, the nose comes out, the motion of the plane is too unstable, and they fade to black.

The Hezarkhani ghostplane video is also very incriminating, but not because of any missing buildings. The problem with ghostplane is the complete lack of crash physics, and the lack of blue color on the bottom of the plane.

Pixel bleed, missing wings, animated skylines, shifting bridges, missing buildings, and FCS are all false leads. We all need to look critically at no-planes research. For plane huggers and OCTs, this means prying your head out of the sand and looking at Chopper 5 and ghostplane. For committed no-planers, it means having the courage to admit some mistakes and move forward.

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i 'm making my own little blog about this too, you should check on youtube and type in : Alien in 9/11