Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Questions for 9/11 Plane Theorists

1. Why was the Chopper 5 footage never replayed, despite it being very dramatic footage of history's defining moment?

2. Why did WNYW delete the Chopper 5 footage from the archives? I realize you are not WNYW, but why would they? No answers have emerged at all for this one, so you plane theorists need to get busy.

3. Will you take the nose out challenge? Your position is that the "dust explosion" does not look like the nose, my position is that they are indistinguishable. The challenge is as follows. You will be presented with 6 pictures, labeled a-f. Each one will be a cropping from a different frame of the Chopper 5 video. At least two will be of the airplane nose before "impact", at least two will be of the "dust explosion", and the other two could be either. All will be enlarged by the exact same amount. No other processing will be done to the images.

The enlarged version is here.

Your task is to identify which are noses, and which are dust explosions. This is a scientific test. If the noses are distinguishable, then distinguish them. If they are not, then admit they are not.

4. Why did the "Park Foreman" video 1st appear as a series of only 3 frames?

5. Can you please give me a mechanical explanation of when the plane-shaped hole in the south face of the south tower occurred? Studying the ghostplane video, it is apparent that the hole is not visible after the wings of the airplane have already passed into the building. A subsequent frame, from the same video, at a wider zoom, shows the hole quite clearly. Therefore we know that if the hole existed at the time of the plane insertion, it would be visible.

The enlarged version the ghostplane sequence is here.

6. Is it your position that some other aircraft besides UA175 hit the south tower? Clearly the bottom of ghostplane is gray, not blue. The bottom of a UA airplane is blue. The rest of the video shows very nice color - sky blue, tan buildings, red brick, green bushes and trees, so video color problems are ruled out. Can you at least state that UA175 did not hit the south tower?

7. Wake Vortex. Fixed wing aircraft generate strong tornado-like vortices behind each wing. These are stable phenomena, and can persist for minutes, which is why even the busiest airports only land one plane every few minutes. No wake vortex is seen in either of the 9/11 "airplane crash" fireball explosions, despite the fact that the smoke and debris are directly in the "flight path" within just a few seconds.

Here are examples where either smoke or clouds allowed wake vortex to be photographed.

Here is some background research on wake vortex.

Here is the Wikipedia article on wake vortex.

Below is the WTC1 explosion from the Naudet video.

An enlarged version is here.

If there were real planes at the WTC, why do we see no vortex in either of the twin tower explosions?


Anonymous said...

Get help. Please, I implore you. Get professional medical help.


Anonymous said...

These seem like rational questions to me.

I find Ace's research refreshingly simple, clear, and honest.
Can the anonymous architect (is that you
Carl?) answer any of the questions or just hurl insults?

Anonymous said...

Haha I'm sure Ace is just devastated by Architect, Ace being such an emotional guy and all.

Thanks for all the great work, Ace. Keep it up!

The Gibroney Hunter said...

I am not a 'no-planer', in the sense that I find it difficult to believe that no aircraft whatsoever hit the towers. However I wholeheartedly agree that you'd have to be a dullard to think that authentic civilian aircraft were used. It's amazing that the 'mainstream' of 9/11 truth can say that a missile most likely hit the pentagon, without flinching.. but pose that same theory regarding the twin towers and it suddenly becomes ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

i believe your right a missile hit the pentagon, because the initial photos of the pentagon showed no pieces of the plane. the towers I believer were struck by military planes. Than Flight 93 crashed in PA at like 10:30 am, but a news report from cincinatti states flight 93 landed in Cleveland because they was suspicion of a bomb on board.

I also find it funny how news reels have been taken down or shown only once, but than again most of the major news stations are owned by companies that have defense contracts with the military. its all to fishy for me.

I guess believe what you want, but this would not be the first time the US Government has hidden the truth from the public.