Saturday, June 14, 2008

An Exchange with Steve Wright

As one hilarious note, Wright claims that because Chopper 5 is in an interlaced video format, it cannot be a composite. By this reasoning, Jurassic Park DVD shows real live dinosaurs.

Again, Baker has garbled the facts and tries to mislead the lay audience. Jurassic Park was composited at feature film resolution, shot out to film, then the finished film transfered to interlaced video, like all movies. The compositing was not done in interlaced video, and I am sure that Wright's friends at ILM will be enraged to hear Baker claim that it was. This example reveals Baker's persistent ignorance of the material he tries to use as "evidence".

-Steve Wright

I never said movies were composited interlaced, exactly the opposite. Wright makes my point for me. In my paper, I state that the live composites are done progressive, then converted to interlaced. Of course Jurassic Park was composited in high resolution. That's MY point. It is Steve Wright who observes that Chopper 5 was given to him in an interlaced format, and then dishonestly concludes that the compositing must have been done in that format. I'm going to keep Wright's recorded words unchanged as he speaks of Chopper 5's interlacing, and substitute interlaced Jurassic Park footage. The audience will observe compositing expert Steve Wright "proving" the dinosaurs are real, the exact same way he "proved" the plane is real. And we will laugh hard. Or cry.

"Live compositing not possible" is another hilarious lie by Steve Wright. What was required is real-time luma key.

Nobody said live compositing is not possible. The weatherman does it every night on the news. What Wright correctly stated was that lumakeying a pre-recorded jet video clip over a live video feed from a wobbling chopper camera AND motion-tracking it into position AND color correcting it AND matching the video noise AND matching the video interlaced lines - is impossible in real-time. Baker conveniently ignores this complete list of requirements in his video fakery rants.

-Steve Wright

I ignore nothing, I've written the paper. Read it before you try the strawman argument.

Theory of Live 9/11 Video Composites

1. The Chopper is not "wobbling". The camera is gyroscopically stabilized. It presents a very stable shot. I still maintain that it was slightly unstable, measurably. Wright demonstrated that the airplane motion is pretty stable on the stabilized version of the video. What he didn't do, which I have done, is show that the airplane motion on the raw, unstabilized version of Chopper 5 is just as stable, and I say even more so. It most CERTAINLY is not any less stable.

2. No Motion Tracking is required, because the camera is gyroscopically stabilized.

3. Color correction of the airplane image is done ahead of time, against test shots, as I have demonstrated. It's a piece of cake, the planes are silhouettes.

4. Video noise is a non-issue. The composites are done at a high resolution, THEN converted to NTSC. I suspect they were done at 59.94 frames per second, progressive.

5. "Matching interlace scan lines" is a complete red herring, and Wright knows it. The composite is done in progressive format, then the entire thing is converted to NTSC interlaced. There is no possible way the scan lines could not match.

I think my challenge is a good way to test all this. No? Scientific method. Let's test it. While we're at it, let's test Wright's claim that Auto gain Control can make a camera go to black. No video camera I've tested will do this. I say he made that up. Where's your evidence for that whopper, Mr. Wright?

There is a huge fight brewing between Steve Wright and the executives at Avid.

False controversy. There is no fight brewing between Steve Wright and the executives at Avid. The Avid executives have never even raised the topic of Baker with Wright. They, like Wright, simply have better things to do with their time than feed Baker's psychosis by responding to his inane allegations and garbled thinking.

-Steve Wright

Avid makes live compositing systems. Steve Wright is calling them liars. I'm going to push it until someone cries uncle. And it's going to be Mr. Wright (aka Mr. Wrong).

Wright does not call his friends at Avid liars. Wright calls Baker a bumbling psychotic that cannot get the facts straight who continues to try to fool the lay audience with his phony "analysis". Baker simply needs to invent a controversy that does not exist in a pathetic attempt to get more attention for himself. Avid will wisely ignore Baker.

-Steve Wright

I'm glad Wright is admitting that live compositing is possible. Wright is, however, in effect, calling AVID liars. AVID claims live compositing, of exactly the type required to do a 9/11 live shot. Wright says it is impossible. The only way to really settle it is a live demonstration. Wright and I both know how to do it. The only part of the equation I can't duplicate is a gyroscopically stabilized camera mount. We won't need it, because Wright's own methods re-applied demonstrate the stability of the camera shot. (His method also demonstrates that the airplane image in Chopper 5 did not slow down on entry, I guess Steve didn't get the memo on that point. Pssssst, Steve, you're supposed to say it slowed down by 18%).

As we saw on "Hardfire", Baker actually believes that if you find a few people that did not see planes crash into towers, that proves planes didn't. In fact, that proves nothing. The truth is, if you found 1000 people that did NOT see it, but ONE that really did, then that one observer PROVES planes hit the towers. By Baker's logic, if we can find a few people that did not see him born, then he does not exist. We could only wish.

-Steve Wright

I never said that. The no-plane witnesses are interesting, but not proof in and of themselves. It is the fake videos, and the impossible physics, and the ever-changing story on the nose-out that proves no planes.

The final nail in Baker's silly coffin is Wright's conundrum, which goes like this: If there exists even one authentic news video, camcorder video, photograph, or eye witness to the planes hitting the towers, then the planes are proven. However, to prove no planes, then every single news video, camcorder video, photograph, and eye witness must be fake. To fake these hundreds of different sources plus keep the perpetrators of those fakes silent all these years is absurd on the face of it. Just like Ace Baker.

-Steve Wright

That's your final argument? That's a big IF. One could use the same "logic" to prove bigfoot. If just ONE of those bigfoot videos is authentic, or ONE of those photos is authentic, or ONE of the eyewitnesses is correct, then it PROVES bigfoot. There are lots of videos and photos and witnesses for bigfoot.

Only a true disinfo artist could try to claim that SOME fake videos are insufficient proof of no-planes. Even one provably fake video proves no-planes. CNN ghostplane is a freaking fake. It's physically impossible. No planes.

Guess what? There's no bigfoot. The "evidence" is fake, the witnesses are lying or mistaken. And there were no plane crashes on 9/11. Remember when Wright went on Hardfire and claimed that kerosene breaks steel? That's Baker's conundrum. I sent it to you Ron Wieck, and asked you to send it to Mackey. Copy Wright, it will be funny as hell.

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gmo2ashes said...

Pigs cannot fly; we know this; it's a given. When Wright says with only a single witness (regardless of the source), or a video, then that testimony alone proves planes flew into the WTC Towers on 9/11.

No matter how many witnesses say they saw them, or videos produced showing pigs flying over New York, our common sense would still tell us that pigs cannot fly and the evidence to the contrary is fake.

Beyond all his other outright lies, with that single assertion Wright just lost all credibility.