Thursday, September 25, 2008

9/11 Grand Unified Theory

Pre 9/11

Twin towers are loaded with low yield fission-triggered hydrogen fusion devices, about every third floor. This is accomplished during the "fireproofing upgrade" that took place 1999-2001. Charges designed to create an "airplane explosion" and the "airplane shaped hole" are installed at appropriate locations, by "performance artists" Gelatin. Thermate is installed in floor trusses of "impact area".

Smoke bombs and conventional incendiaries are also present. Enough napalm (or similar hydrocarbon) to make a big fireball and start an office fire.

A special flash charge is set to detonate visibly on each of the towers, right where the airplane nose appears to hit.

Key operatives in the North Tower are the "performance art" group "gelitin".

Pentagon wall is loaded with explosives during the "fortification" that took place prior to 9/11.

Explosives are buried in the abandoned strip mine outside Shanksville.

FAA radars are equipped with "inject" capability as are NORAD radars.

FEMA agents arrive in lower Manhattan day before.


Special Ops agents (hijackers) are allowed through security with handguns with silencers, cockpit keys, gas, gas masks, boxcutter knives, and whatever else they need. They are most likely Israeli, because they need to look "Middle Eastern". At least one per plane is a 7x7 pilot.

Once the plane is on autopilot, they unlock the cabin, and shoot both pilots dead. They wield boxcutters, etc, as per the official story. Airphone calls are made, and are legitimate, as per the official story.

Transponders are turned off, as per official story. Radar can now track latitude and longitude, but not altitude and not identity.

Each flight is landed. AA11 and UA175 land at Steward Air Force base, not merely fly over it as reported. UA93 lands at Cleveland, as initially reported. AA77 lands somewhere, possibly at Parkersberg, West Virginia.

Each flight is replaced on radar with a false radar blip. Radar blips continue toward targets.

Meanwhile, passengers and crew are taken to secure locations, such as the "debriefing" area at Stewart, and the NASA joint at Cleveland, as per Loose Change 2. They are executed. They are dismembered. Blood samples are taken and occasional body parts are burned with jet fuel, and bagged. Female flight attendants are first gang raped, then murdered (the executions can only be carried out by monsters, such individuals wouldn't miss an "opportunity").

North Tower "impact" explosion is detonated. This includes a well-timed destruction of key floor trusses, sagging floors and creating an inward pull at the perimeter. Result is a few inward-bent columns. Thermate is ignited, beginning to melt floor trusses under key floors of WTC1. Smoke bombs are ignited.

Airplane images are composited into the Chopper 5 and Chopper 7 camera shots in real-time. Chopper 5 is screwed up badly.

South Tower "impact" explosion is detonated. Airplane engine is shot northward from a cannon mounted about the 80th floor. Thermate is ignited, beginning to melt down the cannon, lest it survive the demolition to follow.

News media outlets are delivered talking points as usual. "Airplane". "Hijacker". "Suicide". "Terrorist". "Osama bin Laden".

Molten iron from the melting cannon begins flowing out of floor 80 of the South Tower. It appears on television. South Tower must go. Main nuclear demolition of WTC2 is initiated. Tower explodes into dust, mushroom cloud forms.

Talking point: "Collapse".

Truss melting in WTC1 is more successful, liquid metal is contained. Floors sag, perimeter is pulled inward according to plan.

Main nuclear demolition is detonated. Tower explodes into powder, mushroom cloud forms.

All 4 flights existed and took off as advertised.


Anonymous said...

Well Ace, nice theory, but have you taken into account that nobody was waiting for the passangers at Los Angeles where two of them were supposed to be heading to? It's better to stick to what's proven (no planes) than to trie to tie stories that being offered by dubious sources one can only but doubt.

Rthur said...

Sorry Ace, you're a genius in my book, and have the courage of a lion, but absolutely no evidence.
No flight manifests for any of the planes. The closest thing is a graphic representation of the passenger lists at the Moussouai trial. No authentication at all.
No boarding passes for any of the passengers on any of the planes.
No FBI interviews with those airline employees taking the boarding passes. No one is allowed to interview these alleged employees.
No authenticated CCTV time coded video of the hijackers. One tape shows a zoom, provably a fake.
Because it is the airlines' job to do all of these things, after seven years absence of evidence does mean evidence of absence. The families of the alleged hijackers demand evidence to corroborate the accusation of mass murder and this has never been provided. It would have been provided if it existed.
It is blood libel.
It's a farce.

You have proven video fakery.
I think Elias Davidsson in Iceland has proven no evidence of hijackers or passengers.
Your research compliments one another.

Anonymous said...

Ace has gone nuclear...

Anonymous said...

Fusion makes more sense than fission...