Friday, September 26, 2008

What Can I Do?

So you're convinced 9/11 was an inside job. The current financial "crises" and "bailout" of wall street is yet another engineered terror event designed to elicit support for massive theft. 7/7 bombings. Gulf of Tonkin. Pearl Harbor. Kennedy. It never ends, and you've finally wised up. A lot of us have finally wised up. 

People often email me and ask, "What can I do about it?"

Here are 3 non-violent, and perfectly legal responses to your illegitimate rulers. These are things you can easily do. In fact, they are mostly just things you should STOP doing:

1. Don't vote. 
2. Don't fight.
3. Don't watch the news.

Don't vote. 

You have no choice. The "Democrats" and the "Republicans" agree wholeheartedly with one another on every substantive issue. They both support the official story of 9/11. They both favor a leviathan government, high taxes, and high debt. They both support the Federal Reserve System, and the endless war. They both favor giving $1 trillion of your tax money to the Wall Street Bankers to reward them for having stolen so much money already. They argue incessantly over insignificant details, on television. This is to make you think you have a choice. You don't. 

Voting legitimizes the illegitimate. Voting legalizes the illegal. Voting is an act of violence, because everything government officials do is done under the threat of violence. When you vote, they do it IN YOUR NAME. When you vote, you endorse the system, and tacitly agree to accept the outcome and be ruled by the winner. You wouldn't vote in an election between the "Crips" and the "Bloods" for who was going to rule the gangs of L.A. The only difference is that the "Repbulicans" and the "Democrats" are much richer and more successful at their crime syndicate. 

Don't fight.

Do not join the military. Raise your children to understand the military for what it is:  An organization dedicated to mass murder. The military takes innocent young men and women and trains them to be killers. Every job in the military, no matter how far removed from combat, is ultimately directed at the large goal of aggressive mass murder. In a just world, the military would exist for defensive purposes. We do not live in that world. 

Don't watch the news.

The mainstream news organizations are nothing more, and nothing less, than the propaganda outlet for the government. Everything presented is chosen and packaged to advance the agenda of the government. Apparent disagreement and argument is presented for show purposes only. All debate is strictly limited to questions about which the government does not care. 

If you watch the news, do so defensively. With every story, ask yourself, "Why does the government want me to believe that?" The proposed solution to every problem is the expansion of government and the increase of government spending. Notice the pattern. 

The mainstream news organizations willingly conspired to present the 9/11 show. They inserted fake airplane images into their news footage. Then they blew the twin towers to kingdom come with nuclear weapons, and told you it was a "collapse".  News is not reality. As Karl Rove admitted, the U.S. is an empire, and when we act, "we create our own reality".

Raise your children to distrust the "news". Laugh at the news. Laugh to keep from crying. Openly express condescending bewilderment that so many idiots could actually believe the lies spewing forth from news anchors. Your children will pick up on your attitude, and that is a very good thing.


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Have you ever read "The Match?" ..."journal of ethical anarchism?" (not online)
Good stuff.