Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Anthony Lawson's Forgery

Anthony Lawson is trying to discredit the Over-Under Puffball observation.

Link to Lawson's "Puffballs Busted"

Lawson discarded half of the images in Fairbanks, and blended together pairs of images in Hezarkhani.

Link to my "Lawson the Forger"


Unknown said...


Great work.

Anonymous said...

Ace. You've finally done it. You've uncovered the truth about the greatest hoax of all time. We are very worried about it. You can expect us to take you out some time soon. We are not going to tell you when because it will be more fun for us that way. But, rest assured, it will happen. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe a month from now. Who knows?

Anonymous said...

Tick tock, Ace. It could be tomorrow. You never know. We are extremely evil, after all we pulled off 9/11 without a single thought. powerful. We are also all knowing and all powerful. Nobody will figure it out, just like nobody except for a very small group of geniuses like yourself figured out we faked the planes. Tick tock, Ace.

spooked said...

Lawson's a dishonest pedant, and an extremely annoying shill.

Jesus said...

NWO, please take me out too!

Anonymous said...

How stupid are most Americans? Very! As if, WTC towers were made out of butter or some believe America builds such passenger planes,made out of super weight concrete busting spent Uranium and tatinium material.Just like America/Israel builds their missiles-strong enough to go through steel and concrete.
Both videos are fake:^)