Tuesday, November 4, 2008

John Hutchison Spews Lies and Threatens Murder

John Kenneth Huchison, of New Westminster, British Columbia, has compounded his scientific fraud by issuing death threats against me. Though his childish writing style (all caps, no punctuation) often leaves room for interpretation, there is no doubt in this instance. 

Hutchison is now claiming to have "SIGNED SEVERAL CONTRACTS" with regard to my $100,000 Hutchison Effect Challenge. This is simply false. I have offered a written contract to Hutchison via email, yet nothing has been signed. No demonstration date was ever agreed to, nor have I ever agreed to pay Hutchison $5000 for a failed attempt, as he demands. If Hutchison ever fails to levitate a steel wrench in my presence, I intend to pay him zero.

Hutchison has now produced a new video showing a classic H-Effect wrench flying upwards off of a table. 

This evidently quells the Peter von Puttkamer ploy. Puttkamer, who allegedly handles distribution of Hutchison's videos, had recently claimed that Hutchison's effect was not working "as strongly" as it once had. In any event, Hutchison now says I "NEVER SHOWED UP" and implies he successfully levitated a wrench, and that I "DID NOT PAY" him.  

Correctly understanding that I have no intention to pay him, unless and until he demonstrates levitation in my presence, Hutchison goes for the scare tactic.  He first warns about  "IDIOT AEIRRIEL LOUISE SERBAN MASTER CYBER STALKER FOUND DEAD IN BURNSVILLE". 

Then Hutchison comes right out and threatens murder:




Earlier this year, when I first outed John Hutchison as a provable scientific fraud, he similarly threatened me with "FISTS AND WEAPONS".

For the record, I am threatened by John Hutchison. I believe Hutchison is threatening me with murder, or attempted murder, for the purpose of scaring me into calling off my challenge. It won't work. What Hutchison may not know is that I am physically incapable of experiencing fear, owing to some bizarre nerve damage. 

The $100,000 Hutchison Effect Challenge

This agreement is between Alexander “Ace” Baker (hereafter “Baker”) and John Hutchison (hereafter “Hutchison”), (collectively “the parties”). The purpose of the agreement is to settle a scientific dispute between Baker and Hutchison. Toward that end, Baker and Hutchison agree to arrange and document a demonstration of the so-called Hutchison Effect (hereafter “H-Effect”).


Hutchison claims to have discovered a previously unknown energy effect capable of, among other things, levitating solid objects. Hutchison claims to have a laboratory of equipment in his Vancouver-area home capable of producing the H-Effect under his control. Hutchison has produced various videos purporting to depict various manifestations of the H-Effect, including one in which a steel wrench suddenly moves upwards, off of a table, into the air, flying out of the picture.

Baker claims that Hutchison is a fraud. Baker claims that Hutchison’s videos depict ordinary events, cleverly photographed in such a way as to make them appear unusual. According to Baker, the “levitating” steel wrench is an effect achieved with an upside-down camera. The wrench is held in place on an upside-down table, via an unseen magnet, then released and allowed to fall down, thus appearing to fall upwards, claims Baker.

Hutchison denies all accusations of fraud, states that his videos are legitimate, and that the H-Effect has been witnessed by many, including military personnel.


Hutchison agrees to demonstrate a levitating steel wrench in the presence of Baker. Baker will, at his own expense, travel to Hutchison’s home/laboratory, arriving at a mutually agreed upon day and time.

Time: _____________ AM/PM

Date: ______________________ 2008

Hutchison agrees to be home at this time, and prepared for the demonstration.

The demonstration is said to begin the moment Baker arrives, and will last not more than 1 hour. Hutchison agrees to allow Baker to make audio/video recordings at all times during the demonstration. Hutchison agrees to allow Baker to observe and record audio/video wherever Baker wants, including under things, behind things, etc.

Hutchison agrees to then place a steel wrench on a table.

Hutchison agrees to allow Baker to verify to his own satisfaction that it is an ordinary steel wrench, allowing Baker to lift it, and examine it.

Hutchison agrees to then allow Baker to stand next to Hutchison during the time in which Hutchison operates any necessary controls.

Hutchison will then cause the wrench to move upwards off of the table, into the air at least 12 inches above the table. This levitation is to occur without anyone touching the wrench, and without any other normal means of lifting a solid object, e.g. by means of an attached string or wire.

After the completion of at least one levitating steel wrench, Hutchison will confirm that Baker was able to make a recording of the spectacular event. Hutchison will ask Baker, “Did you get that?” or words to that effect.

Baker agrees to, at that time, and under those circumstances, stop his recording, access the audio/video file, play it, and make sure that he “got it”. Baker agrees to then say to Hutchison, “Yes, I got it!” or words to that effect.

The demonstration is over when Baker says, “Yes, I got it!”, or one hour has elapsed since Baker’s arrival, whichever comes first.


It is anticipated by both parties that the results of the demonstration will be self-evident, and obvious, one way or the other. Either Hutchison can levitate a steel wrench, making it fly upwards off the table, or else he cannot. It is anticipated that, after the demonstration, both parties will be in agreement as to whether or not the demonstration was successful.

However, in the event of a disagreement, e.g. if Hutchison claims the demonstration was successful, while Baker claims it was not successful, then both parties agree to be bound by the decision of a British Columbia Provincial Court proceeding. That is, if Hutchison believes he was wrongly denied his $100,000 prize after a successful demonstration under these terms, he can sue Baker in British Columbia. Nothing in this agreement precludes such a lawsuit.

In the event of litigation arising from a disputed result, both parties agree that the losing party shall pay all court costs, attorney’s fees, and reasonable expenses incurred, in an amount to be determined by the court.

Upon request by Hutchison, Baker agrees to make available to Hutchison a high-quality digital copy of all audio/video recordings made by Baker at the demonstration. Baker and Hutchison agree to stipulate that said recording will be admissible evidence in any litigation that may arise from this demonstration.


Within 30 days after a successful demonstration, Baker will pay Hutchison $100,000.00 (U.S.) Baker warrants that he has a line of credit in excess of $100,000. In the event of a successful demonstration, Hutchison agrees to make available to Baker his bank account deposit information, for purposes of conducting a standard bank transfer of funds.

If the demonstration is not successful, Hutchison gets precisely nothing.

Further Considerations

Furthermore, if Hutchison is unsuccessful at levitating a steel wrench, Hutchison will give to Baker a digital video copy of the so-called “Boat Experiment”. This digital video shall be dimensions 720 x 480 in size, 29.97 frames per second, and will not contain any duplicated frames. It is to be delivered to Baker no more than 7 days after the demonstration.


Hutchison agrees that Baker will bring one witness of Baker’s choice. The witness will be allowed to observe the demonstration along with Hutchison and Baker.

Baker agrees that Hutchison will be allowed to invite as many witnesses as Hutchison would like, and that the size of his home/laboratory will accommodate.

Ownership of audio/video

Hutchison agrees that, whatever the outcome of the demonstration, Baker will, in perpetuity, own all intellectual property in the audio/video recording made by Baker. Other witnesses who choose to make recordings of their own, will each own their respective recordings.

Baker agrees to publish and make available for download his complete and unedited recording of the demonstration.

Hutchison agrees to never interfere with the publication and dissemination of the demonstration recordings.

Alexander “Ace” Baker ________________________________ date _______________

John Hutchison ______________________________________ date________________



Anonymous said...

So he likes to play with magnets, huh?

Anonymous said...

Reading parts of his blog... obviously completely out of his tree, off his rocker, lost the plot, out to lunch, toys in the attic and several sandwiches short of a picnic.

Wobblycam skills need brushing up too!

Tom Mandrake said...

Thanks for successfully demonstrating how Hutchison achieves his ridiculous effects.
I came across his YouTube videos only recently and was quickly blocked from his site when I responded to his "request" to help analyze one of his alien body videos by exposing it as a cheap toy. He will, alas, always have some small success as there will never be a dearth of desperate, uneducated people to exploit.

Anonymous said...

yeh, i knew a little about him before. definately a quack. nothing has ever materialized out of his magnets. i call bullshit too. if i were you, id move on to the next chapter in you life, because in the end it will be like taking candy away from a kid.