Thursday, February 12, 2009

He Gave Up His Life to Prove No Planes

This from an anonymous author. I can't verify any of this.

I wanted to relay a very brief personal story. I was living in Tampa after 911. Six months after 911 a young man flew a plane into the Bank Of America building in Tampa. I followed very closely what information was being released by the law enforcement, military, and the local media. I even contacted friends and workers withing those areas to find out even more information. What I found differed quite a bit from what I had read and been shown on tv.

The media and military told me that he was a depressed child. That he had left a suicide note claiming support for Osama Bin Laden, even though the media and law enforcement would not release the note for verification.

I found out that the young man gave up his life to prove that planes could not do the damage that was seen on 911. You wrote a note alright and it said exactly that. It said that he could care less one way or another about Osama but that he couldn't handle his own government and media lying to him to stage wars and death.

Sure enough, when his plane hit the BOA building it smashed into many sections that then fell to the area below. I actually saw the newscast from inside the office space that he hit. A desk 5 feet inside the window was untouched. What the young man wrote in his note proved that a plane could never do the kind of damage that was seen at the WTC's.

What happened? After speaking with reporters I found out that not even they were allowed to see the wreckage and took the word of law enforcement for what was on the note. The mother won a law suit against the makers of the depression drug he was on (6 million US children are on the same drug). That can only be described as payola. By getting that money she had to sign documents that said she would never talk about or sue anyone else with regards to this "accident". This young man gave his life to prove that his own government was lying, and they lied to cover up his statements?


K.L. Ashley said...

These members of “law enforcement” are in collusion with the worldwide scam, even so remotely. They are of course lackeys of the “power”. Same with FAA, NORAD, FBI, CIA, local sheriff, the whole bunch. Surely warriors, not poets.

Their FBI says that the FBI Black Boxes and Pentagon camera data are “exempt from disclosure” and so forth.

The salaries of these people are 100 percent paid by their self-destruct victims.

Citizens say that it would be impossible for so many people to be in collusion with such low-life deeds. But that is reverse logic and is based on the misguided false notion of standard human behavior, garnered from so many years of spoon-feeding. The delusion is fading.

Cookie cutter plane imprints really sell.

You can fool me once, shame on you. And you can fool me forever it appears.

Anonymous said...

Just Google it Ace. You will find it. Though the information about what was really on the note has never been made public. The young man was a silent scapegoat. (On an aside....Beverly Eckert was killed in plane crash yesterday. She was one of only a handful that refused to take the 1.8 million dollar payout from the government after 911. All the "witnesses" and complainers with actual legal recourse to 911 are dying).

Anonymous said...

King Kong, Bigfoot, and Sasquatch jumped onto the WTC’s on the morning of 911. There are 100 million witnesses to Bigfoot over the last 100 years. Over 10,000 videos and photos of Sasquatch have been revealed over the last 100 years. A UFO, of course denoting alien intelligence and anal probing, crashed into the WTC’s on the morning of 911. There have been over 1.5 BILLION eyewitnesses to alien spacecraft over the last 100 years. There have been over 2 million videos of anal probing aliens from UFO’s that have visited planet earth. There are over 10 million photos PROVING alien spacecraft visiting planet earth over the last 100 years. The Loch Ness Monster torn down the WTC’s on the morning of 911. Over 3 million people have claimed to have seen the Loch Ness Monster over the last 50 years. Thousands of videos and photos from around the world have proven the existence of the Loch Ness Monster.

Now for the rest of us……witnesses, videos, and photos have never verified ANY of these events. Regardless of how many witnesses, regardless of how many photos, regardless of how many videos or who may have shown them to you…..only physically verifiable evidence can EVER prove any of the above statements. To this day….not one single piece of UFO debris, one single piece of Bigfoot, and not one single piece of the Loch Ness Monster has ever been verified in any way.

Now let’s examine the biggest myth ever told in human history….the planes of 911. In the history of aviation…..videos, witnesses, and photos…..just like UFO’s, monsters, and sea creatures……has never proven a plane crash. Regardless of how many witnesses, videos, or photos there are…only verifiable wreckage can verify a plane crash. Just like Bigfoot, UFO’s, and the Loch Ness Monster……..not one single piece of airliner debris has ever been verified from any of the 4 planes from any of the 4 locations from 9-11. Not one single piece. There is more verifiable evidence of alien spacecraft than there is that planes existed on 911.

No commercial planes on 911 means the US government, military contractor owned media, all branches of military, law enforcement, judicial, and connected corporations were complicit in the murders and subsequent deaths of millions from 911.

Anonymous said...

Beverly Eckert met with Obama on Friday Feb 6th 2009 at the White House. Obama said with her help they will conduct another investigation into 911. One week later she is dead in a mysterious airplane crash with the FBI first on the scene...along with a new investigation. All the loose ends are being tied up very nicely?

K.L. Ashley said...

Feb. 13, 2009, German Press. (Das Bild)
Terror alarm:
A strike against terrorism in Deutschland!!
At the K├Âlner airport, special commandos (SEK, meaning homeland sickurity) pulled two terror suspects off of a KLM flight. They had with them “departure (life, every young man in the ME wants to die, like in the 12th century) letters”. They were heading for a terror training camp in Pakistan. (So they claim. All sounds so familiar.)
Then found more “evidence” in their apartment.

All fake but still, want a suggestion. Get out of the ME. Bush is gone now.

According to new law passed today, they will get 10 years in Germtanomo.

Recall the TV subs on 9/11:

Terrorism Hits America
WTC Towers Hit by Hijacked Airplanes.
Terrorists Crash Planes into World Trade Center and Pentagon

Conditioning had started right up front. How were they so up on "terrorists"?