Tuesday, February 3, 2009

$$$ Reward for 9/11 Airplane Home Recordings

Did you record any major network news broadcast at 9:02-9:03 am Eastern time on 9/11/2001? This is the time the second alleged airplane struck WTC2. 

I am not interested in any posted internet archives. I am not interested in any replays. I am only interested if you recorded a television news broadcast on your home VCR or other video recording device, at 9:02-9:03 Eastern. 

The reward money is negotiable. I will wish to obtain a high-quality digitization of your tape. Please contact me via the email link at the upper right of this blog. 


Ace Baker


Anonymous said...

Completely unrelated...but I wanted to ask at this blog thread just in case.

I was wondering if someone would "produce" videos of United Airlines crashing into the WTC's? I want the videos to look so REAL that you can actually see the faces of the passengers inside the windows. I want to be able to see the pilots. The videos should show EVERY detail of a United flight that crashed into WTC's 1 and/or 2. In other words....take your time and produce a set of videos so convincing that someone may think that those are the real videos of 911. In even more words....do the fakery job "right" that the initial criminals didn't do. Can someone make a video like that?

Why would I want that? In discussing the FACT that there were no planes on 911...the main argument that I find is that "well...I saw it on TV." That is the number one reason why there were "planes". If I can't beat them...then join them. I want to produce some REAL videos of 757's crashing into the WTC's. I mean really good ones. The reason being is that if its on TV it must be real. I want to see how many people will "believe" they are real...EVEN WHEN TOLD THEY ARE FAKE??!!!

I have $2,000 that I would like to offer someone who would be able to produce such a set of videos. It must be a labor of love, you can take your time, because quality is of the essence. Show the world what a "real" crash would have looked like, based on real physics and not the lawless planes that we have been fed. Do not make them look like what we were lied to believe...but show plane parts shattering all over the place...in other words take your time and make them real. (The $2,000 would just pay for a small amount of someones time.)

Any thoughts or takers?

K.L. Ashley said...

"well...I saw it on TV."

Don't forget, these are the same humans that drove the Bush ratings off the chart after 9/11, when he should have been drummed out of the WH for dereliction of duty? Commander in chief and and he could not stop "it".

Preferred reading 2nd grade books, his limit.

Fact is, NORAD had noting to chase but Joe Sixlite did not know that. Saw the planes on TV, over and over. But none crossing the Hudson. Some trick.

But why does General Everhart not come out and tell the folks that pay his salary that there were none? A joke, of course.

bhornbuckle75 said...

Im a bit confused here.....dont get me wrong I am a believer in a conspiracy with 9/11.....but no planes hiting the buildings at all?? You do realize quite a few people saw it happen live dont you? New York is quite a big place...Also many people saw planes hit the buildings that did not look like commercial jets....yet they where still jets!! If no planes hit the towers, then these people would be plants.....why would the government put plants down that are saying they say something other than what the gov says happened???? Kind of self defeating isnt it?
Why argue there was no planes...it seems to fly in the face of logic...And I dont believe in the planes "cause I saw it on TV." but instead because thousands saw it happen live.

Ace Baker said...

You're assuming your conclusion, bhornbuckle.

It's certainly true that IF there was a plane, thousands or tens of thousands would have seen it. We have very few people who reported seeing a plane, and a number who specifically report no plane, that the towers just exploded.

Find me one eyewitness who will talk to me. Just one.