Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hologram Psy-Op in Full Gear

An email from Jim Fetzer to the crowd:


A nice example where each of us seems to be fixated on our own preferred
theory! Jeff  [Hill] has done brilliant work on establishing confirmation for
the impossible speed [of UA175], so he KNOWS that the speed shown for the 767 that is supposed to be in the videos violates laws of aerodynamics. Now he
suggests that it is possible to combine AUTHENTIC VIDEOS with IMPOSSIBLE
EVENTS if the images that are presented of these impossible events were
produced by a HOLOGRAM, which can fly faster than aerodynamically poss-
ible, melt into buildings, and violate Newton's laws! I think this is
a fascinating hypothesis. If he is right, we are left with HOLOGRAMS!
I don't know if he's right or wrong, but it would certainly explain a
lot of data and is an alternative explanation we should take seriously.
And John Lear is well-positioned to advance arguments in its support.

Jim [Fetzer]

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