Saturday, January 24, 2009

The 9/11 Insurance Adjuster

Here's a delightful little ditty sent to me by an anonymous reader. Enjoy.

Hypothetical phone call from an airline company to the airline insurance representative after 911:

IC: “Hello…How may I help you?”

AC: Yes….I have 4 planes insured with you guys and they all crashed on 911 and I was calling to see when I can get my insurance money for my loss.

IC: “OK….that’s horrible. Let’s see…. where did this happen?

AC: Well….2 planes hit the WTC’s in NYC another plane hit the Pentagon, and one crashed into a field in PA. When can I get my money?

IC: “Well here at Bob’s Plane insurance we want you to receive your money asap. All we will need to do is inspect and verify the wreckage and the ID numbers on the 4 planes so that we can get you your money as quickly as possible. What are the exact locations so that we can send out our inspectors?”

AC: Well…..that’s a problem. You see there is absolutely NO WRECKAGE of ANY KIND but we do have lots of eyewitnesses and lots of video and film. When can I get my money?

IC: “I understand sir. It’s just that to pay you all we must do is simply verify that the plane that crashed was the plane that you say it was. It’s simply a matter of looking at any of the 3.1 million pieces that make up a standard 767. If 4 of them crashed that should be pretty easy. That’s almost 13 million parts of aircraft. When can we inspect the wreckage?”

AC: Well….you can’t. We have eyewitnesses and video.

IC: “Sir I understand. It’s just that we have never paid a claim simply by an eyewitness or video. All we go by is the wreckage. Certainly there were black boxes or voice data recorders that we could verify other than witnesses or video?”

AC: “Are you calling all of our eyewitnesses liars? Are you calling all of our video, film, and photos faked and staged? Are you saying that the pain felt by the victims is somehow not real? Are saying that Bush lied and that you hate our troops?”

IC: “Sir…I understand…it’s just that you are calling about being paid millions of dollars with not one single piece of verifiable evidence of any kind. As an airline insurance company…you must understand that we would be out of business in minutes if all that was needed to file a claim was an eyewitness, a photo, and NO WRECKAGE. Can we at least inspect or test the sites?

AC: No…..take it or leave it. All we have is what the media told us and what our eyewitnesses said they may have seen…although none of them were under oath. When can we get our money?

IC: “Sir…with all due respects….call us when we can inspect ANY form of wreckage. Goodbye.”

AND NOW REAL LIFE: As of this writing not one dime has been paid to any of the airline companies that lost planes on 911. Why? Because the insurance companies investigating the crashes have NEVER VERIFIED A SINGLE PIECE OF WRECKAGE FROM ANY OF THE 4 PLANES AT ANY OF THE 4 LOCATIONS ON 911. They pay only by wreckage.


Anonymous said...

Common impression:

The WTC owners were paid (Rockefeller, alias Larry Silverstone). Insurance Co went to court but a lodge-member judge ruled against them.

Anonymous said...

When you crash an automobile....there is no amount of witnesses, photos, or video that will get your claim paid. Why? Even an automobile insurance company will pay NOTHING until they verify the VIN number located on each vehicle. You could have 1 Trillion eyewitnesses, 1 trillion videos from 1 trillion sources, and 1 trillion photos....the auto insurance company will still pay nothing until they verify a Vehicle Identification number!

Now let's look at the planes of 911. The EXACT same policy is followed by airline insurance companies. They will pay nothing until they verify the serial ID tag numbers from the plane. Each plane has 3.1 million. To this day....NOT ONE SINGLE PIECE OF DEBRIS FROM ANY OF THE 4 PLANES FROM ANY OF THE 4 LOCATIONS ON 911 HAS EVER BEEN VERIFIED IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. Not one single piece.

(The airlines for their complicity in the crimes of 911 did receive a $15 Billion bailout from the White House within 2 weeks of 911. American Airlines received $900 million dollars within a week of 911. Would that buy your cooperation and silence? It did them.)

Anytime someone tells you that "of course 911 happened...I saw it"....always keep in mind that seeing, filming, and witnessing a crash...whether it was a plane or an automobile....has never proven that it happened. Only WRECKAGE proves a crash. This explains why the videos, photos, and witnesses of 911 are all fake and staged. They may have seen a missile...though they saw and filmed no plane. Where are the Naudet Brothers so that we can charge them with treason and conspiracy? They have disappeared!

Anonymous said...

No amount of "research" (controlled demolition, etc.) will change the fact that there are no plane parts, or planes, and the citizens did not ask Kean for a part.

He gave them a flight data recorder (take my word), only non-volatile part of flight 77, and a passport (take my word) from a WTC event. They bought this!!!!

So,how are insurance companies different from citizens? The insurance companies need/want the truth.

K.L. Ashley said...

The planes did leave the gates, right?

Which side are the Insurance companies on? They say "no planes".

No amount of "research" on controlled demolition, etc. will reveal plane parts.

Quiz: What is the difference between Insurance companies and citizens? The insurance companies KNOW they want the truth.

So no planes, NORAD is off the hook. But were there not all sort of FAA ARTC communications? More "ghost planes", likely.

Anonymous said...

GE, General Electric, owns NBC and NBC news. GE has been given over the last 8 years $250 Billion dollars from the US government for its fraudulent loans and mortgage practices under the criminal “subprime” scandal. GE over the last 8 years has been given over $250++ Billion dollars in US military contracts making it one of the largest military contractors in the world. This does not include the Billions in no-bid "reconstruction" and "renewal' contracts that GE receives on a daily basis. For the first week of Jan 09 GE received a $4 Billion dollar contract to supply generators to Iraq!

But the most important part is what does GE do with its money. Here's an example: GE is also the main underwriter and "payer" for the claims at Larry Silversteins WTC complexes!!! It is GE that is paying the conspirators of 911 for the destruction and murder of 911. No insurance company in US history had EVER authorized a building “terrorism policy” until GE gave one to Larry Silverstein 6 weeks before 911. (Of course after 911, Warren Buffet made Billions from these bogus policies?!)

There were 2 main characters that were involved with the very quick passage of these policies. Those 2 have now been identified as Giuliani and Rupert Murdoch. The complicity of Rupert Murdoch’s friend Larry Silverstein was an integral part of 911. Even today….8 years later…Silverstein is still demanding more money from GE. The powers that be are getting tired of his greed, while exposing more questions of 911 and the evidence to even verify why someone should pay. There are no plane parts…which means GE should never have paid in the first place?!!! It is exposing GE as a conspirator into the events of 911 from this insurance fraud.

When GE tells you that you saw planes on better believe it....because since and because of 911....GE has made an estimated $1 Trillion dollars because of the never ending war on terror and the crimes that can come with supporting a criminal political, military, government, and media sponsored war. To expose that there were no planes on 911…would expose GE as the most corrupt and criminal corporation in the world. How’s that for an advertising tag line?

But the most important part is what does GE do with its money. Here's an example: GE is also the main underwriter and "payor" for the claims at Larry Silversteins WTC complexes!!! It is GE that is paying the conspirators of 911 for the destruction and murder of millions of people.

When GE tells you that you saw planes on better believe it....because since and because of 911....GE has made an estimated $1 Trillion dollars because of the never ending war on terror and the crimes that can come with supporting a criminal political, military, government, and media sponsored war.

Anonymous said...

Ace....It might not be as good as the 911 insurance adjuster...but I enjoy the CSI aspect of it? Thanx:

This week on CSI:NYC….the crime lab team is investigating a murder at ground zero in NYC….let’s tune in:

SGT: “Whatta we got son?”

Officer: “Well…it looks like this woman was stabbed with a knife that was held by this gentlemen over there. “

Sgt: “Were there any witnesses?”

Officer: “Yeh….the whole room at the time of the stabbing was filled with officers conducting a training seminar on how to react after someone gets stabbed. They were all in town for a mock stabbing that was going to take place tomorrow”

Sgt: “That’s convenient. Were there any civilian witnesses and what did the 2 groups see?”

Officer: “Well….yes there were civilians….70% of all witnesses saw NO STABBING what so ever…while every officer saw the woman “fall” onto the knife herself?”

Sgt: “My…that is curious. Can we get any of these witnesses under oath?”

Officer: “No….the White House has issued a worldwide gag order to all officers, police, fireman, FBI, CIA, SS, NSA, FEMA, NTSB, FAA, and anyone remotely associated with this stabbing.”

Sgt: “What kind of knife was it? What should I tell the press? And did this man take out any insurance on this woman before the stabbing?”

Officer: “You’re gonna like this sarge. The same company and executives….manufactured the knife, OWN the media that you are about to talk to, AND were the underwriters for the life insurance policy on the woman taken out by the man just 6 weeks before the stabbing?”

Sgt: “OKaaaaaaaayyyyyy. Let’s just get a blood sample, test it, and release the results to the world to find out that it was actually the woman stabbed”.

Officer: “Well……we can’t do that boss. All the blood was ordered cleaned up and destroyed by the White House before you got here. The knife was confiscated and destroyed without any testing. All the carpet in the room was picked up and destroyed. And no verification of any blood, weapon, or even open testimony by the police can ever be verified without redaction or black-outs. The woman’s body was also destroyed. And the man who the witnesses saw…… committed “suicide” by jumping out of his 50 story building just moments ago. His body was also destroyed. The mayor is now arresting anyone taking pictures or video of the building, and the media is now saying a person who might be Islamic is now the real killer.

Sgt: “So what evidence do we have?”

Officer: “Well…..we have these witnesses…..though they completely contradict each other…..and apparently in just a few days and weeks we should be getting video from people who were in the room at the time that proves that it wasn’t even a knife at all but a car.”

Sgt: “This sounds like an open and shut case. Chalk another one up to the deception execution cycle. I’ll be down at the donut shop if you need me. Goodbye.”

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