Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Few Predictions on Lord Obama's Regime

It's 8:13 am Pacific time as I begin to write, the coronation of his holiness Lord Obama is about to take place. Millions have gathered in the hopes of basking in his aura for a fleeting moment, cameras roll. The media have outdone themselves. The criminal syndicate that is government has never appeared more sacrosanct than right now. I want to vomit. Literally. Remember, these are the same media perps who put fake airplanes into video footage on 9/11, and called it "the news.

I have a few predictions for the Obama regime.

1. Health Care Takeover

I predict the media will ramp up support for socialized medicine by featuring stories of American children who allegedly died because they didn't have health insurance, and didn't get some operation. The same stories will show children in Canada or Sweden who are alive, happy and healthy, having received "free" treatment, paid for by their benevolent and wise government medical system.

2. Energy Taxes and Takeover

I predict the media will ramp up support for energy taxes with a series of stories about "global warming". They'll need to wait until summer to begin this in earnest.

3. Continued War

I predict the coverage of the war in Iraq will drastically change, giving the appearance that the war is over. American troops will never leave Iraq, ever. Similar to the Clinton regime, Obama will wage "small" wars on various little "enemies".

The slow deliberate march toward totalitarianism continues as Obama works on the domestic front, as Bush-Cheney worked primarily on the foreign front.


Anonymous said...

This is not a prediction but a suggestion and idea. Wanna know what you think of it?

Bush Jr. is gone and many of the lies have gone with him. Along with his cronies certain things also need to change or be gone. The main one that I can think of over the last 7 years is the supposed "truth movement". What has the truth movement done since 911? What has it accomplished? What has the truth done at all?

BushCo and cabal could care less about the truth. The truth has done nothing to harm them in any way...and never will. He can openly admit that the Iraq invasion was based on a lie and in the same breath never even consider leaving Iraq. The truth is completely irrelevant.

Here is what I am proposing. The truth movement is dead...now that Bush is gone. What good is the truth now? The criminal leadership is gone. What I am proposing is that we focus on the "LIE Movement". It is the LIES that have done the damage. Not the truth. It is the lies that must be focused on now to prevent future events. The truth of the old events will do nothing to stop these criminals. It all depends on exposing their lies.

Ace....now that Bush is gone...can we offically kill the truth movement and focus only on exposing the lies? In other words....."Stop the LIE Movement"

Anonymous said...

Hypothetical phone call from an airline company to the airline insurance representative after 911:

IC: “Hello…How may I help you?”

AC: Yes….I have 4 planes insured with you guys and they all crashed on 911 and I was calling to see when I can get my insurance money for my loss.

IC: “OK….that’s horrible. Let’s see…. where did this happen?

AC: Well….2 planes hit the WTC’s in NYC another plane hit the Pentagon, and one crashed into a field in PA. When can I get my money?

IC: “Well here at Bob’s Plane insurance we want you to receive your money asap. All we will need to do is inspect and verify the wreckage and the ID numbers on the 4 planes so that we can get you your money as quickly as possible. What are the exact locations so that we can send out our inspectors?”

AC: Well…..that’s a problem. You see there is absolutely NO WRECKAGE of ANY KIND but we do have lots of eyewitnesses and lots of video and film. When can I get my money?

IC: “I understand sir. It’s just that to pay you all we must do is simply verify that the plane that crashed was the plane that you say it was. It’s simply a matter of looking at any of the 3.1 million pieces that make up a standard 767. If 4 of them crashed that should be pretty easy. That’s almost 13 million parts of aircraft. When can we inspect the wreckage?”

AC: Well….you can’t. We have eyewitnesses and video.

IC: “Sir I understand. It’s just that we have never paid a claim simply by an eyewitness or video. All we go by is the wreckage. Certainly there were black boxes or voice data recorders that we could verify other than witnesses or video?”

AC: “Are you calling all of our eyewitnesses liars? Are you calling all of our video, film, and photos faked and staged? Are you saying that the pain felt by the victims is somehow not real? Are saying that Bush lied and that you hate our troops?”

IC: “Sir…I understand…it’s just that you are calling about being paid millions of dollars with not one single piece of verifiable evidence of any kind. As an airline insurance company…you must understand that we would be out of business in minutes if all that was needed to file a claim was an eyewitness, a photo, and NO WRECKAGE. Can we at least inspect or test the sites?

AC: No…..take it or leave it. All we have is what the media told us and what our eyewitnesses said they may have seen…although none of them were under oath. When can we get our money?

IC: “Sir…with all due respects….call us when we can inspect ANY form of wreckage. Goodbye.”

AND NOW REAL LIFE: As of this writing not one dime has been paid to any of the airline companies that lost planes on 911. Why? Because the insurance companies investigating the crashes have NEVER VERIFIED A SINGLE PIECE OF WRECKAGE FROM ANY OF THE 4 PLANES AT ANY OF THE 4 LOCATIONS ON 911. They pay only by wreckage.

Anonymous said...

What good is a lie movement?

Bush and Co. lied about WMDs. And so what? Lies are in.