Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Danny Romero and Libertarian Truth Allergy

Danny Romero is the boss at Freedom Underground Radio. Right after my suicide performance art piece, he suspended host Jim Fetzer. He posted a message explaining his decision. I find it very revealing.

"I could be wrong but, my gut told me that this [Ace Baker's Suicide Performance Art] was about to create an avalanche of alternative 911 theorists to come in and mentally masturbate over whose 911 theory was correct." - Danny Romero, Freedom Underground.
Searching for the truth about the most important event in history is "mental masturbation"? An avalanche of interest in an internet radio show is a bad thing to Danny Romero? I would have thought an "avalanche" of people "coming in" would be a good thing. Hmmmm.

"This would have negatively impacted the direction FU radio wants to go and I feel strongly that Jim was being set up to be victimized by these people too. I'm not opposed to debate but, we've already seen this fight before and it was negative, divisive and smacked of something more." - Danny Romero, Freedom Underground
What debate? 9/11 Truth? No-planes? Of course it smacks of something more. It smacks of a controlled opposition propaganda machine.
"We all understand that a crime was committed on 911 and was never properly investigated, but these fights will be a waste of precious time and will only serve to distract us away from the things we need to pay attention to at this critical moment." -Danny Romero

I see. Forget what the "avalanche of alternative 9/11 theorists" have to say, pay attention to what Danny Romero thinks is important.

Danny Romero has a right to run Freedom Underground any way he wants, including firing host Jim Fetzer for any reason, or for no reason at all. But just because it's called "Freedom Underground" doesn't necessarily mean it's about freedom, or that's it's underground.

Fetzer was not and is not a good fit for FU radio. They are anti-state libertarians, as am I. Fetzer has revealed himself to be a leviathan government-hugging statist.

It's profoundly ironic that the anti-state libertarians, like FU, and more importantly the Mises Scholars, and the Lew Rockwell guys, are allergic to 9/11 truth. As I pointed out in my 2007 article on Morgan Reynolds' site, 9/11 truth would be, by far, the best method to convince large numbers of people that government is harmful and unnecessary.

What are the libertarians afraid of?



BG1 said...


I didn't have much faith in Fetzer to begin with, so I can't be in too much of an uproar for his show being suspended / shut down.

The fact that you used Fetzer's show to do your little performance art event is very disappointing to me as well.

Regardless of how much I agree with your logic or positions on any 9/11 issue, I think you and Fetzer hurt the cause of getting the truth out overall.

Good riddance to Fetzer (from his show) and I'm disappointed that you seem to have no qualms about how you waste your reputation.


Anonymous said...

I use to think the way of Danny Romero. It is basically the "look to the future forget about the past" kind of flawed logic scenario. That was until I realized that even though Mr. Romero thinks that vast crimes were committed, that we should somehow look past it and get on with our lives. Today, as we speak, our military, government, media, law enforcement, judicial, Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, NIST, FAA, NTSB, TIA, NSA, Secret Service and millions within local, state and regional law agencies....are ALL planning and making decisions...right now...about security and our nation’s future....because 4 "planes" crashed on 911. It is our own military and government that for one second has never let go of the events of 911...even though they are all based on admitted lies and "intelligence failures". To continue wars based on criminal lies....is to be criminal. To silence those speaking out is treason.

It is because 4 "planes" crashed that Trillions of dollars are going to be spent, Millions of people will be killed and murdered by the US military, 100's of thousands of soldiers will be killed and injured, 10's of millions will be homeless, and it will effect Billions of people for generations to come....ALL because 4 "planes" crashed on 911….which we now know is a lie.

The importance of what "NO planes on 911" means is staggering. It exposes everyone. The criminal silencing of people who may speak out will never be forgotten. Danny Romero should be the first example of treason by silencing. It is people like Mr. Romero who history will judge as the criminals that protected the perpetrators of 911. Silence with knowledge of a crime is complicity. Mr. Romero is a war criminal by association.

K.L. Ashley said...

"distract us away from the things we need to pay attention to at this critical moment."

Like what?

Anonymous said...

Induction of cancer by ionizing radiation - Radiation as a universal carcinogen, since it induces cancer in most tissues of most species at all ages, including the fetus. All of the cells in the body are susceptible to damage by ionizing radiation.

google: 9/11 Cancer


Anonymous said...

When someone uses the word "but” in the middle of a statement...it by definition cancels out and negates the prior words. It is a common Freudian written and spoken slip. For example Mr. Romero says:

"I could be wrong but”
“I'm not opposed to debate but”
“We all understand that a crime was committed on 911 and was never properly investigated, but”
“Sorry I haven't come out sooner on the Jim Fetzer situation, but”

Here is what a clinical psychologist will tell you about the above statements……He does NOT think he is wrong, he IS opposed to debate about 911, does NOT think any crime was committed and that it WAS properly investigated, and is NOT sorry about coming out earlier to address the situation.

Ace…if you have the power to simply go on someone’s show and get them fired….my god man…what power you have!! Is there any way you can book yourself on FOX news?!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ace....I am going back over decades of radio talk shows to determine if anyone has ever been fired for something that a guest has said. So far...no such luck. There have been 1000's of cases where a radio personality was fired for something they said or did....but I have yet to find one directly related because of something a guest said. I have also found radio personalities that have been fired for responding to something a guest said...but never fired BECAUSE of the guest and what THEY said! Mr. Fetzer may be a first in radio broadcast history to be fired for what a guest said in which he had nothing to do with it?! (Imagine signing a work contract that said you could be fired for ANYTHING a guest says? They could say the word boo.....and you could be fired?)

On an aside and speaking of media personalities: In the history of US national news TV broadcasting only TWICE had a national news anchor started their careers on a Tuesday when Monday was not a holiday. Only TWICE in over 60 years of TV broadcasting. It happened twice at the same time, on the same day, in the same city, for the same network! Who was it?

On the morning of 911....Aaron Brown and Paula Zahn were hired on a Tuesday morning in NYC by CNN just 2 hours before the first "plane" crash. Never before or since has a national news anchor started their careers on a Tuesday when Monday was not a holiday. What astounding foresight to hire TWO news anchors that morning in that city at that time?!!!! Yet another glorious example of media collusion and complicity.

spooked said...

"9/11 truth would be, by far, the best method to convince large numbers of people that government is harmful and unnecessary."

No doubt!

Any libertarian who opposes open and free discussion of 9/11 is either not a true libertarian -- or is an intel agent. A true libertarian would not be scared of openly discussing 9/11.

Unknown said...


I don't claim to have any knowledge or insight into why Fetzer's program was stopped.

For all I know, You, Danny, Fetzer, Ace, Kevin B., Judy, etc. are all disinfo.

I do know that you comment, joining in on a superficial level, taking at face value that the event and behavior of those involved is about what it means or doesn't mean to be a Libertarian, has the be one of the most diversionary tactics (among many) I've seen so far.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ace,

Whatever sort of act you staged on Jim Fetzer's show that supposedly got him fired, you certainly did not stage a fake terrorist attack that took the lives of over 3,000 innocent persons.

It's ironic that a talk show is canceled for staging an act where no one is hurt, whereas the mass murdering media is applauded for its staging of a fake terrorist attack that turns out to be the biggest "snuff film" in human history.

Fuck FU radio!

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous...on 1/20/09 this show was cancelled, The Richard Syrett Show, because the guest spoke about Obama being born in Kenya. Cancelling radio shows that question anything about government will become common practice under Obama. The station claimed it was monitery even though it was the number one show in its time slot etc.....