Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tension + Extreme Temperature

This shriveled up beam was a horizontal floor support in Bankers Trust, which was never on fire. Judy Wood wonders how this could have happened, and blames it on directed energy weapons for some reason.

Higher res version of shriveled beam picture

The explanation is as straightforward as it is horrific. The horizontal beam is under great TENSION. The shriveling is exactly what we would expect if that segment were very hot, and the tension was released suddenly. Since Bankers Trust was never on fire, the question is, how could falling material from WTC2 heat that beam in one second?

Answer: Only a nuclear reaction could explain it. Falling nuclear material got close to the beam and raised its temperature very, very quickly in one area. This area became soft, one end breaks, tension is lost, and it shrivels up.


Anonymous said...

Falling nuclear material can ruin your whole day!

Daro said...

Excellent. I emailed this photo to a few people. The evidence piles up and up. I'm not sure about the nuclear device though. You can see paper and wiring nearby untouched while the beam must've been heated to white hot. If it was nuke material there would be sizable radioactivity contamination on the beam, no? And then where is the material? Residue would be on the beam, surely. I appreciate your beef with Ms. Wood but just because ashe's a fraud doesn't mean she's wrong on Everything. Her opinion is just pontification but it seems to match the best description. A good scientific mind will collect the gems no matter what sh1t they've been sitting in! The satisfying point is that no matter what the description, those lying @ssholes in the govt. can't credibly explain it away with their "report".

Anonymous said...

9/11 Nukes - Radiation-induced cancers -

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