Friday, July 24, 2009

Why do I Think Jim Fetzer is a Psy-Operator?

I know Jim Fetzer as well as anyone in 9/11 truth circles. I spoke at his conference, I've been on his show a dozen times, he's been to my house. Jim fetzer is a psy-operator, a very important part of the controlled opposition that we know must exist in the 9/11 coverup.

Fetzer has been publishing his list of evidence for video fakery. He cites September Clues, which is full of mistakes and strawmen, like "pixel perfect match", and "missing frames", and "line penciled in", and which now promotes the diabolical "total animation theory", with "moving bridges" and "missing skylines", and claiming the 9/11 videos were completely animated by some unknown advanced technique.

Fetzer also promotes the hologram theory, which is physically impossible, and he knows it.

I, of course, have written a book length treatise compiling the correct evidence for no plane crashes and video fakery. It is published online for all to experience. I have discussed this material ad nauseum with Fetzer, on his show, and presented him with multiple revised versions. The entire project stemmed from HIS request for me to author a chapter in his alleged forthcoming book.

And yet, Dr. Fetzer refuses to include a link to this treatise. Why would that be? Why would Dr. Fetzer promote the dubious material, and not the scholarly work?

There are critics of my work. In my opinion, none of the criticism stands up to scrutiny, but that's a bit beside the point here. There's plenty of criticism of September Clues also.

"Impossible Speed" is a good argument, but only applies to a stock 767. It leaves open the possibility of some modified aircraft (Anthony Lawson's hangout).

"Impossible Entry" is a brilliant argument, and applies to any aircraft, but Fetzer never gets around showing the impossible video frame, the "magically healing columns" frame from Hezarkhani. I have repeatedly explained why there is more than sufficient resolution to see the hole in the tower, if it were there.

The goal of the psy-operators is to protect the truth, spinning all seekers off into some false territory. Observing the behavior of Fetzer and all the other ops is the perfect compass pointing to the truth, you just need to know how to read it.

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terbates said...

I heard a past broadcast of Fetzer's program with you as a guest recently. You sure didn't sound the same as you are now; I didn't catch any hint of your labeling Fetzer as a Psy-Op. When did you change? Thanx.