Friday, July 24, 2009

What Happened?

The official story of 9/11 is certainly false. The many claims that make up the official story run from highly unlikely to physically impossible. Proving the official story false is one thing. Advancing a positive theory of what did happen is another thing.

Various demolition theories have emerged, as have various theories about the airplane crashes. There are many individuals criticizing these theories. Very few people are actually supporting any positive assertions.  

Here is a list, off the top of my head, of the various airplane theories, and the people advancing them. I'll update this as information comes to my attention. Eventually I'd like to paste in the evidence in support of each theory.

  1. The official story. Suicidal hijackers crashed commercial Boeings into the towers. The airplane videos depict authentic footage. (NIST, mainstream media).
  2. Super planes. Specially modified planes were swapped with the passenger flights, and flown by remote control into the towers. The airplane videos depict authentic footage. (Anthony Lawson). 
  3. Video Compositing.  The airplane videos were faked by inserting airplane images into otherwise real video. The towers exploded from within. (Ace Baker). 
  4. Hologram. A 3D airplane image was projected into thin air. The airplane videos depict authentic footage of this hologram. (John Lear). 
  5. Total animation. The 9/11 videos, including the demolitions and everything else, were completely animated using unknown technology. (Simon Shack, Fred BS Registration, Webfairy, Killtown).
  6. The Flying TV. An aircraft completely covered in LCDs flew at the towers. At the last moment, it became invisible by displaying an image from the opposite side of the plane, and swerved to miss the towers. The airplane videos are a "cartoon display".  (Morgan Reynolds).
  7. The truth about the airplane videos is not knowable. (Rasga Saias)


Anonymous said...

Personally, I'm leaning more and more towards Ace's theory, that the planes were simply inserted into an otherwise real video. That to me seems like the most plausible scenario. As for what caused the explosions, I'm still undecided on that matter. I think either they exploded from inwards, as you say, or missiles were guided into the towers (which is what I believe happened at the Pentagon). I don't know what mind-altering substances Simon has been taking to make him think that everything (including the towers 'collapses' themselves) was animated? Seems completely insane to me. But meh.

Anonymous said...

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