Monday, March 17, 2008

Fox Five Fakery - Conclusion


The perpetrators of 9/11 could not afford a big airplane mess. A big mess means lots of clues, like aircraft parts with serial numbers. A better strategy would be to explode a plane-shaped hole, set off a big pyrotechnic fireball, and composite the plane in. The videos all show a brief white flash just as the nose of the airplane appears to hit the wall. This flash is real. It may or may not have been a necessary part of the explosion sequence which followed, but surely the flash was handy synchronizing the airplane images. In each video that shows the plane entering the tower, the flash frame is the last frame before the plane starts to disappear into the layer mask.

Why not use real planes? Why would the perpetrators risk faking the airplane hits, when they could remote control real planes into the towers? There are several good answers for this, and when you put them together, video fakery is the only solution that makes any sense. Briefly, real planes leave real evidence. They could never risk electronically hijacking the real flights 11 and 175, because the pilots would have ample time to make cell phone calls and say, “Help! We’ve been electronically hijacked!”. If they switched the planes and flew unmanned military drones into the towers, they would never just enter the towers. They would crash. Parts would bounce off and fall down. Aircraft parts have serial numbers. If the targeting was off even a little, it would spoil the effect of the “building collapses” that were to follow. And what if the plane missed the target just a little more, clipping a wing, say, and careening into the streets? Oh no! Where are all the passengers? What is this?

Plus, there is an even stronger reason to use video fakery. Video fakery involves news media complicity from the outset. Having blood on the hands of the news media from the beginning would ensure their cooperation over the long run.

A lot of people have been trying to solve 9/11 for a long time now. How can the majority of people be convinced that 9/11 was an inside job? We know the twin towers and building 7 were brought down by some kind of controlled demolition. But the disintegration of the towers was so bizarre, so powerful, and so unprecedented as to defy explanation. Casual observers misinterpret this lack of a positive demolition theory to mean that demolition is unproven. This is wrong of course, but when you add that to the never-ending avalanche of government-issue disinformation, 9/11 truth remains a hard sell.

No-planes is the solution to 9/11. No-planes proves demolition. No-planes proves media complicity. No-planes proves totalitarianism. No-planes proves shadow government.

We now have no choice but to reconsider our entire concept of both government and the news media. Clearly, the so-called mainstream news media is nothing other than the propaganda arm of the military-industrial-banking syndicate. This is an ongoing interest group that transcends any current presidential administration. These people profit immensely from war and other big-government programs. They appear hell-bent on taking over the entire world.

There is good news. All governments are completely dependent on the support of their citizens to do what they do. That support is ultimately founded upon the acceptance of a set of ideas, nothing more than some ideas, indoctrinated assumptions rarely questioned. Perhaps it is a good time to begin questioning them. In theory, a set of ideas in your mind can disintegrate faster than the twin towers, and become replaced by a new and different set of ideas.

There is bad news. A lot of people enjoy war. Not the people who actually have to fight it, nor those who have to pay for it. But some people don’t have to fight it or pay for it, and actually make a lot of money on the deal. They believe that false-flag terror is necessary. They support what is going on. They know perfectly well what went down on 9/11. They don’t want a different set of ideas. They like the present set of ideas just fine.

On 9/11, “your” government and “your” news media showed cartoons and passed it off as live news. What you choose to do with that knowledge is up to you.

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