Monday, March 17, 2008

Magically Healing Columns

Magically Healing Columns

Let’s consider what appear to be magically healing steel columns.

We know that at some point in time, an airplane-shaped hole appeared in the side of the tower. Here is a series of frames from the Ghostplane video. In the second-to-the-last frame, the wings of the airplane have already passed through the wall of the building. Yet we cannot see any damage to the wall.

Is it possible that that airplane-shaped hole is already present, but the video quality is too poor to see it? No. The last frame in the sequence is from the same video, after an edit, and when the camera was zoomed out even more. If anything, the picture quality would be a little worse than in the previous frames. Smoke now obscures part of the right side of the opening, but clearly we can see the gaping hole in the wall.

There is more than enough resolution in the pictures to see whether or not columns have broken away to reveal the dark interior of the building. Therefore, the columns were broken some time after the image of the wing appeared to pass through the wall. Therefore the “wings” of the “airplane” did not break the columns. Something else did.

Suspiciously, we do not ever see the columns breaking and the hole forming in the side of the tower. We see a number of discreet, white explosions coming from inside the wall, in the outline of an airplane. More than a second later, we see a huge orange-and-black fireball exploding from deep within the building. In real plane crashes, the fuel in the wings explodes within 1/15 of a second of impact, so the tardy 9/11 South Tower fireball is hardly convincing. As the fireball begins to die down, the Ghostplane video is edited. An unknown amount of time elapses, only afterwards is the plane-shaped hole revealed.

As far as I know, there is no video record in existence of what happened to either tower approximately 10 seconds after each fireball exploded. Why not? We are to believe that many of the second strike videos were captured by amateurs, but we also know that cameras were relentlessly seized by “officials” on the scene. Is it really possible that nobody managed to capture the formation of the plane-shaped holes? Are we to think this is just another amazing coincidence?

It might be nice to see an un-edited copy of the video from the original videographer, Michael Hezarkhani, or at least ask him some questions. In 2007 9/11 research super-sleuth Jeff Hill called Hezarkhani on the phone and tried. Hezarkhani flat refused to discuss it on advice of his attorney. Allegedly Hezarkhani was a tourist in New York on 9/11. Why won’t he talk about his very famous amateur video?

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