Monday, March 17, 2008

Fox Five Fakery - Introduction


Careful consideration of the 9/11 news broadcast footage provides overwhelming evidence that no airplanes crashed into the twin towers. The various videos showing a plane crashing into the south world trade tower are video composites. Each one has had a flying airplane image inserted into what is otherwise a legitimate shot of an exploding building.

There were two alleged airplane crashes in New York on 9/11: 

  • North Tower, 8:46 a.m. 
  • South Tower, 9:02 a.m. 

It is important to distinguish between:

  • Videos that were shown live 
  • Videos that appeared later. 
There was no live video of the North Tower event. The only video to show it with any clarity is the Naudet brothers’ documentary footage, first aired some 13 hours later. 

Two, and only two,  live news shots showed the South Tower event with any clarity – FOX Chopper 5 and ABC Chopper 7. Both show a plane entering the picture from the right side, crossing the screen, then disappearing behind the edge of a tower. None (Zero) of the live 9/11 airplane videos shows a plane hitting anything.

In the hours, days and months following 9/11, thirty or more so-called "amateur" videos emerged showing the South Tower event from various angles and distances, none as good as either Chopper 5 or Chopper 7. 

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