Saturday, March 1, 2008

John Hutchison is a Fraud - Part 2

In response to seeing my videos, John Hutchison sent me the following comment. I find it very illuminating.

cool stuff makes it easy dont forget my ex had her own motion picture company in los angeles and showed me cool stuff on a grand scale look for fred astaire revolving room also the movei cleopatra was done images bolted onto the camera giveing the top section to the movei sets she blw up a mountain it looked like that but it was styrofoam with strings in a studio plus she showed me how cars ride on 2 sets of wheels and also the never ending story realy neet stuff are you working in the industry now ??? love to meet we are going ahead with the network tv show and you would be great to have around robert drake my producer wil be on with

-John Hutchison, to Ace Baker, February 27, 2008

Red Bull Can

The can must have a piece of steel or iron in the bottom of it, it's being controlled via a magnet on the other side of the thin, wooden floor. The entire little room is rotating around, like the Fred Astaire room, see below. At the point when the can appears to fall over and hang sideways, it's actually hanging down, but the room is rotated. When the can falls upwards, it's actually falling down, having been released by pulling the magnet away.

When the can appears to spontaneously change shape, these are edits. The can was bent back and forth repeatedly, anytime someone reached in to do it, those bits were simply edited out.

Red Bull, Ace Baker Style

Here's my Red Bull BS. My little dollhouse is not rigged to be able to rotate. It's hanging upside down, and I've glued two steel screws in the bottom of the can. I'm holding it in place with a horseshoe magnet on the other side of the dollhouse floor.

The motion of the can looks pretty strange, almost like stop-motion photography, but it isn't. Rotating the magnet rotates the can. Tipping the magnet at an angle makes the can almost let go, tipping over and hanging just by the rim.

Many times I reached in, and crushed the can a little. Eventually it became all bent out of shape. I edited out all the parts where my hand came in the picture. I separately edited the audio, to get the nice crunching sounds in there.

At the end, the can falls down out of the picture. I shot a second version of the can falling down, and eventually inserted that shot running backwards.

To "prove" that this was filmed right side up, and that there were no edits, I shot the two clocks on my floor. The background was removed from the dollhouse layer using layer masks in Final Cut Pro.

Hutchison's Hilarious Toy UFO

Oops, you're supposed to crop out the string. Look on the upper left hand side. You can see a string, and it moves exactly corresponding to the movement of the toy UFO. Evidently they had the shot framed differently, and the camera accidently was moved, or zoomed out.

This particular video is cleansed off of Hutchison's site, and is not presented on Judy Wood's site either. Originally Hutchison denied the string, claiming it was an electrical high voltage wire. Later, Hutchison actually admitted the string fakery, and said he did it because he felt pressured to perform for a television show, and was unable to reproduce his effect.

Originator of the Hutchison Effect?

This is Fred Astaire in the very famous scene from "The Royal Wedding", 1952. The entire room, including the camera and lights, rotates around. The furniture is all securely fastened in place.

It seems Hutchison has a small rotating room also.

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